Decedent Affairs

The Decedent Affairs Office provides support for the identification, care, and disposition of remains of deceased persons whom the Department of the Navy is responsible for:

  • This service includes obtaining proper authorizations for autopsy, preparation and submission of Death Certificates, and preparation of remains. Additionally, they provide advice and counsel to Command Casualty
  • Assistance Calls Officers and to family members of patients who have either died in this facility or other facilities who are eligible for benefits.
  • The Decedent Affairs Office also coordinates the command Burial at Sea Program.
  • Divison Officer: (619) 532-8326
  • Decedent Affairs: (619) 532-8305
  • Petty Officer In Charge/Burial At Sea Coordinator: (619) 532-8066

About this Service


  • 619-532-8305


  • Monday - Friday:
    • 0730-1600
  • Contact the OOD's desk after normal working hours
    • 619-532-6400

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