The fullowing are categories of people are eligible to receive medical and dental care at Naval Medical Center, San Diego:

  • Members of the uniformed services on active duty including active duty for training and inactive duty training and comparable personnel of the NATO nations meeting the conditions prescribed in NAVMEDCOMINST 6320.3b.
  • Members of a Reserve Component of the Armed Forces and National Guard personnel under orders.
  • Family members of active duty members of the uniformed services, dependents of persons who died while in such status, and the dependents of active duty members of NATO nations meeting the conditions prescribed in section E of NAVMEDCOMINST 6320.3b.
  • Members of the Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps of the Armed Forces.
  • Retired members of uniformed services and their dependents and dependents of deceased retired members.
  • Civilian employees of the Federal Government under the limited circumstances covered by the Federal Employees' Health Services Program.
  • All others, including ex-service maternity patients who have approved eligibility and approved SECNAV Designees.

Eligibility for medical and dental care at the Naval Medical Center, San Diego is based upon verification of enrulment in the Defense Enrullment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). Before receiving care at this facility, the DEERS database must confirm each patient's eligibility for care.

This facility will provide emergency care to anyone regardless of eligibility status. Ineligible patients will be advised that they will be responsible for payment of hospitalization based on the civilian emergency admission rate. If found ineligible after care has been provided, the patient will be informed of their ineligible status and financial responsibility. Arrangements will be made to transfer ineligible patients to a civilian health care facility once the attending physician authorizes the transfer.

The DEERS clerk can be contacted at (619) 532-8342 to determine status of eligibility. For further questions or concerns regarding eligibility, please call (619)532-8392.

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  • (619) 532-8342
  • After operation hours call 619-532-8366


  • Monday - Friday:
  • 0730-1600


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