​Medical Evacuations (MEDEVAC)

The Medical Evacuations (MEDEVAC) branch arranges fixed wing Air Ambulance Transportation for Eligible Beneficiaries as deemed Medically Warranted by Competent Medical Authority. This service is coordinated through the United States Air Force, sole provider and owner of Military Air Ambulance Operations and based at Scott AFB, IL.

Upon reporting to NMCSD as a MEDEVAC patient, you should immediately check in at Building 1, First Floor with the MEDEVAC Section Leader.

Medical and non-medical attendants must accompany patients when they report to the MEDEVAC office.

The qualifying clinical factor for this service is an actual need for "Treatment en route."

About this Service


  • 619-532-8311
  • 619-532-8392


  • Monday - Friday:0730-1600

Available At

NMCSD Hospital Facility ​​