Standard Operating Procedures for FEDEX


All case work submitted by clinics within the DOD, can be sent to the ADL via the FedEx courier and charged to the ADL's account number. This SOP has been established for your convenience. Compliance with the SOP will greatly expedite payment procedures for the ADL.

The use of the Area Dental Laboratory's account number for the shipping of items other than prosthodontic work requests/accompanying cases and to locations other than the ADL is strictly prohibited. Any inpidual who fails to comply with the above will be subject to investigation and possible legal consequences. The sender's User ID numbers will be monitored to ensure accountability.

Packing Instructions For Shipping Procedures To Area Dental Laboratory

  1. Prior to packaging, all cases must be properly disinfected and identified as such, in writing (pre-printed label is acceptable), according to OSHA and BUMEDINST 6600.10A, Chapter 6. The ADL is required by Naval Infection Control Instructions to discard the shipping container and packing material of all cases that arrive in the ADL not handled in the manner above.
  2. Patient's last name and the last 4 digits of SSN must be written in waterproof ink on the base (the side, not the bottom) for each cast submitted.
  3. On the Dental Laboratory Work Authorization (DD Form 2322), list all of the items enclosed in the shipping boxes. Include your complete mailing address and current telephone number in box 2. Remove the carbon pages from the original DD Form 2322 and place it on top of the foam (not between the foam and the casts, to prevent them from getting badly wrinkled and unreadable. If you need to ship the case in more than one box, place a copy of DD Form 2322 in each box and write on the top of the form, "one of two (or three) boxes".
  4. Ensure that all cases are properly prepared for shipment so that damage will not occur. Place only two casts in each shipping box. (Minimum dimensions that FedEx will accept are weight 1lb., length 7 inches, width 4 inches, height 2 inches). If using the standard laboratory shipping boxes (6"L, 4"H, 4" W), they must be placed inside a larger shipping box. Casts and registration records must be placed in separate plastic bags (do not secure these bags with tape). Recommend that no more than 2 casts be placed per shipping box with minimal acceptable dimensions.
  5. Do not split-pack cases! When more than one shipping box is required, wrap the boxes together as a single package so that they will arrive in the ADL at the same time.
  6. Do not leave dies in the cast during shipment. Write the tooth number on the handle of each corresponding die, remove all dies from the master casts and place them in a separate container, labeled dies, such as small plastic case with sufficient padding to protect them from damage. Do not leave casts in articulation during shipment.
  7. Carefully wrap the boxes with a suitable shipping paper and secure the boxes adequately with reinforced tape. Place a mailing label with your complete address and DSN phone number on each box in the upper left-hand corner.

Questions? : Any questions related to shipping and or receiving cases should be directed to the Laboratory Case Control Manager/FedEx Coordinator. The inpidual can be reached at (619) 556-8247 or DSN 526-8247. Initial contact with the inpidual above is required prior to ticketing your first cases in order to obtain the ADL's account number authorization.

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