A "healthy lifestyle" is the overall theme of an individual's attitudes, habits and activities that lead to optimal physical and mental health and vitality. The class presented in the Health and Wellness Department will assist you in defining goals, attitudes, habits and activities and to plan behavior changes that will enhance overall wellness.


Anger Management (BEAMS)​

In this Building Effective Anger Management skills course, you will learn ways to manage the "angry" times in your life.

Eating for a Healthy Heart

This class will help you understand how food choices affect your heart health. A Registered Dietitian will explain how to develop an eating plan that may lower your risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases and may even lower the amount of medications you need.


Topics covered are:

  • Food choices to support a healthy heart
  • How to incorporate the right amount of physical activity into your life
  • Overcoming barriers to change

Locations & Times

  • First Tuesday of the month, 1000 to 1200 | Health and Wellness Department (Building 26, 1st Floor)​
  • Limited to Active Duty Only
Healthier Living with Chronic Conditions

In this 6-week workshop, you will learn to manage pain, fatigue, stress, and frustration associated with chronic conditions.

During this class you will:

  • Enjoy a small group led by peers trained in self-management
  • Discover ways to better manage your health challenges and lessen their impact on our life
  • Explore ways to reduce fatigue, anxiety, sleep loss and pain
  • Set goals and problem solve to make positive changes

Who can benefit?

  • Anyone with an ongoing health condition
  • Family members or caregivers of someone with an ongoing health condition

Locations & Times

  • Call 619-532-6528 for dates and times | Health and Wellness Department (Building 26, 1st Floor)​
Healthy Cooking Class

Learn nutrition science and the culinary arts through cooking lessons.

Take a hands-on approach to learn cooking techniques and a wide variety of recipes for easy and inexpensive healthy meals.

Locations & Times

  • Tuesdays, 1500 to 1700 | Health and Wellness Department (Building 26, 1st Floor)​
Healthy Shopping Tour

Join this tour with a Registered Dietitian to learn how to select foods that are both nutritious and affordable at the local commissary.

Topics covered are:

  • Getting past the marketing hype to choose foods that will enhance your health
  • How to create easy, healthy meals while sticking to a budget
  • How to read labels

Locations & Times

  • Second Tuesday of the month | NBSD Commissary (Naval Base San Diego, 32nd Street)​
Healthy Weigh

Learn how to find your optimal health and lose weight safely through a healthy diet, regular exercise and practicing behavioral modifications. Make those changes for a healthier you!

Topics covered are:

  • Nutrition for weight loss and healthy style of living
  • Incorporating physical activity into your life
  • Overcoming lifestyle challenges for long-term good health

Locations & Times

  • Mondays, 1000 to 1130 | Health and Wellness Department (Building 26, 1st Floor)
  • Wednesdays, 1600 to 1730 | Health and Wellness Department (Building 26, 1st Floor)
Lifestyle Medicine

This program begins with a comprehensive evaluation and continues over a 6 month period. It is designed to help you make changes in your lifestyle to treat and manage disease. Your total health will be evaluated and we will prescribe lifestyle changes specifically designed to address your personal condition and situation. Those changes may include modifying your physical activity, personal diet, teach you ways to better manage stress, stop using tobacco or address other factors specific to you. We will help you to make specific goals, coach you through those changes and track your progress.

Open to all active duty & beneficiaries. Call to register today!

Locations & Times

  • Health and Wellness Department (Building 26, 1st Floor)
Nutrition and Mobility Training

Participants in this class will be instructed on various mobility techniques used to improve balance, flexibility, range of motion, and muscle strength by a Strength and Conditioning Coach. In addition, a Registered Dietitian will review basic concepts of a healthy diet and ways to adapt those recommendations to the demands of physical activity.

Topics covered are:

  • Setting goals to help promote healthy lifestyle behaviors through the use of proper nutrition and movement
  • Recognizing personal goal and limitations, physical and nutritional, that may influence activity and food choices
  • Demonstration of exercises to strengthen target body areas in order to prevent injury and aid healing

Locations & Times

  • Fridays, 1030 | Health and Wellness Department (Building 26, 1st Floor)​
  • Limited to Active Duty Only
Stress Management

Learn how to manage stress and overcome the challenges that you face as an active duty service member or family member supporting a member of the military community.

Topics covered are:

  • Understanding the different types of stress and recognizing the signs
  • Learn the causes and effects of stress
  • Strategies to overcome stress and stay healthy
Tobacco Cessation

With the support of a Tobacco Cessation expert, learn how to quit for good! It is recommended that following this course, you join one of the Tobacco Cessation Support Groups.

Topics covered are:

  • Creating a quit plan and pharmacotherapy options
  • Overcoming challenges surrounding tobacco cessation
  • Behavior modification to support healthy habits
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