​Giving To Naval Medical Center San Diego

Per governing federal ethics regulations, Military members and civilian employees of Naval Medical Center San Diego(NMCSD) are prohibited by federal law from soliciting gifts. The privilege we have been given to serve our patients and their families is reward enough.
However, we understand that the American Public, the San Diego community in particular, often desires to give back to our Sailors, Marines, their families and our medical professionals who care for them. Due to this outpouring of generosity and support for our service members and NMCSD, we have received legal authority to accept unsolicited gifts intended to further our mission.
This information is not provided to solicit gifts but simply to inform you of the means by which individuals, organizations, and businesses can give cash, goods, or services to benefit NMCSD, its patients, its staff, and their families.
The process is as simple as a written offer explaining the gift, its value, any cost to the Navy, and any conditions you wish to include. Next, submit your offer to the department or program which you intend to receive or manage the gift.
If you have any questions regarding gifts of cash or goods, please contact NMCSD's gift program coordinator:
Mr. Duane Sandvick, at (619) 532-9762.
If you have any questions regarding gifts of services, please contact NMCSD's volunteer coordinator:
Ms. Amy AshWelch at (619) 532-5040.