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   Navy Medicine East Inspector General Department 


NME Hotline Electronic Anonymous Complaint Submission Form


Please fill in all requested information in as much detail as possible and send the completed form to the NME Inspector General (IG) via email at by clicking on the "Submit" button below or faxing this form at (757) 953-3053.

Step 1: Determine the best method to address your issue (e.g., Chain of Command, EEO, etc.).

Step 2: Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) so that you know what to expect when you file a hotline complaint (Please see attached). Click here to view FAQs

Step 3: Prepare your complaint for submission to an IG. (Information the IG will ask you to provide when you file a complaint.)

Step 4: File a complaint with an IG.

In answering the following questions, be as specific and detailed as possible to limit ambiguities:

0.) Do you wish to be anonymous,confidential, or known?
1.) Who is involved? (include everyone’s first and last names, rank/pay grade and duty station/place of employment

2.) What did the subject do or fail to do that was wrong?

3.) What rule, regulation or law do you think the subject(s) violated?

4.) When did the incident occur? (provide dates and times, example: “Early 2002”, etc)

5.) Where did the incident take place? (what location, command etc.)?

6.) Why do you think the incident took place?

7.) Have you tried to resolve the problem?

8.) Have you contacted your chain of command? Have you contacted your local Inspector General? Have you tried to resolve your complaint using an established process such as Bureau Corrections of Naval Records, Informal Resolution System, EO/EEO or legal system?

9.) What do you want the IG to do? Follow up.

10.) Additional information you wish to provide.