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Administration provides support for Naval Medical Forces Atlantic headquarters staff and for the Naval Medical Forces Atlantic area of operations by receiving and processing award submissions from the region, including Navy Department Awards Web Service submission; processing correspondence coming from the region for endorsement; processing and disseminating taskers from the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery and to the region; as well other administrative functions.
Logistics and Installations provides support, oversight and direction to echelon IV commanding officers in facility management, logistics, anti-terrorism, safety and occupational health management.  The directorate also provides support internally regarding logistics, safety and occupational health support and training, anti-terrorism and force protection, emergency management, and personnel security management.
Performance Improvement oversees the high reliability organization, assists in developing and managing process improvement projects, provides the Joint Commission fellow support regarding accreditation, provides support and coaching for root cause analysis, patient safety reports, and oversees quality assurance investigations throughout Naval Medical Forces Atlantic’s area of responsibility.
Information Management provides regional information technology consultation and support for patient/Electronic Health Record systems, software, network security and connectivity, project and program management; as well as assists in developing and implementing software, hardware, and network solutions throughout Naval Medical Forces Atlantic’s area of responsibility.
Operational Readiness provides oversight, guidance, and direction to Plan Operations Medical Intelligence Departments and assists with managing and filling platform assignments in Naval Medical Forces Atlantic’s area of operations. Operational Readiness reviews, validates, and tasks NMFL deployments, missions, and personnel backfill requests and manages Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) and deployability of headquarters personnel.
Total Force provides human resource and manpower support, consultation, and guidance throughout Naval Medical Forces Atlantic’s area of responsibility, and provides direction in the Navy Reserve matters and supports reserve personnel throughout the region. Total Force also provides training requirements, implementation, and completion tracking.
Resource Management implements principles, policies, and procedures for effective financial resource management around Naval Medical Forces Atlantic’s area of responsibility; and provides resource planning and analysis support.  Resource Management also maintains financial control, jurisdiction, and statutory responsibility subject to 31 U.S. Code, Section 1517 and 1301(a), for all appropriations issued and resource authorizations.
Healthcare Operations provides consultation and oversight of Clinical Operations throughout Naval Medical Forces Atlantic's area of responsibility.  Healthcare Operations also handles programmatic management of all clinical programs and administrative and business/analytic programs supporting clinical services.