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I am Navy Medicine, Lt. Cmdr. Akinwale ‘Wale’ Onamade

By: Lt. Cmdr. Akinwale ‘Wale’ Onamade , Navy Medicine Live 
Published: 4/25/2019 3:13 PM

My 21 year journey with Navy Medicine has been a wonderful experience from boot camp to officer candidate school.  I’ve made life long friends along the way that I have mentored and vice versa. I have had numerous opportunities to serve and continue to serve in various Navy leadership positions, which has made the ride well worth it and satisfactory.

I joined the Navy as an enlisted corpsman in 1997 and later applied for the Health Services Collegiate Program to attend the University of Illinois at Chicago.  In 2006 I graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree and went on to complete Officer Candidate School.

In 2010 I transitioned to the Naval Reserve and became the Administrative Officer and Assistant

Officer-in-Charge of Expeditionary Medical Facilities Bethesda, Maryland, Detachment Y.

In my civilian job I’m a clinical pharmacist at the Veteran’s Medical Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia, and have the ability to contribute either at a military treatment facility or in a deployed status. Recently, I happily raised my hand to help out at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Virginia, where I worked temporarily as a pharmacist recalled to active duty status.

I directly provided clinical support and have a positive impact on Navy Medicine’s mission and goals by staying actively engaged and providing the best care to each patient–at the Veteran’s Medical Center and while recalled to active duty.

I also dedicate time to teaching as an adjunct faculty member at the Blue Ridge Community College, Martinsburg, West Virginia, where I serve as a Pharmacology Professor.

Serving with Navy Medicine has been an honor and a privilege.  Throughout my career, with the responsibilities for inpatient and outpatient pharmacy operations, I’ve been able to contribute to the Navy Medicine vision of maintaining the best readiness and health around the world.

I am Lt. Cmdr. Akinwale ‘Wale’ Onamade, and I am Navy Medicine.

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