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Telework Guidance/Suggestions
Note** We are only offering recommendations for your home computer, we are not responsible for updates and software installed on your home computer. MEDLANT can support various options for telework which are outline in the MEDLANT Telework Guide (link at bottom of page), below are the requirements and software for AVHE/Published Desktop.

​​AVHE Requirements

Below under "AVHE Helpful Links" are the Telework Do's and Dont's and the current guide to setup telework from your home pc.  Please follow the steps below and install all of the proprietary software below.  Users that have a home PC the recommended operating system to use is Windows 10 anything below that for example: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, and even MAC users can run into difficulty installing the required software along with accessing the AVHE website and limits IMD staff to assist. MAC Users please see the guide below called "MAC AVHE Guide" under helpful link for instructions of how to get AVHE working on your MAC. 
1.  Install the following software on your computer in the following order (Windows Only) *Mac users please follow the guide under helpful links below called "MAC AVHE Guide":
You will need to install the DoD Certificates on your 
Then run the cross-cert removal tool here: 
Then install the Citrix Workspace App:

2.  Plug your CAC reader into any available USB port on your PC.  If you have the proper CAC reader, the device should install automatically and work.  If you don't have a CAC reader, email our M6 group ( and we will provide one if available.

3.  Before you connect to the AVHE website, please ensure that your home PC has up to date Antivirus signatures and the PC itself is up to date.  

To make sure Windows Updates are current, click on the magnifying glass and type "Windows Update Check". Click "Check for updates" and install any pending updates and reboot if necessary.
To update Mac Os protection, choose system preferences from the apple menu, icon at the top left that looks like an apple.  Then click software update to check for updates.  If any updates are available, click the update now button to install them.  

4. Navigate to AVHE website:​  When prompted for your certificate you will select your Authentication which is your PIV or the long CAC ID of the selections available. (Example: 1234567890117005 16 digits).  You have an option through AVHE website to go to "APPS" and find DEE OWA to get to outlook web access.  Remember to use your PIV certificate or it will not open.
5. To get to your Desktop at the top Navigation Bar you will see Favorites, Desktops, and Apps.  You will then select Desktops and select "DHA Desktop - Portsmouth NAVMED".  Give the Virtual Desktop some time before you start clicking anything.  If you run into any issues with it launching or becoming very slow.  Click the Details next to "DHA Desktop - Portsmouth NAVMED" and click "Restart". You may need to do this a few times if you are unable to get the Desktop to launch or if it gets locked up.

6.  Once in AVHE Desktop please refer to the MEDLANT Telework Guide or the guides below.  There is directions on how to get to your file shares. Outlook is located on the virtual desktop by going to the Search in the bottom left and searching "Outlook". 

 7. To properly sign out please go to the windows icon in the lower left.  1.PNG, then click the account option, then sign out. 123.jpg

Helpful Links & Guidance

Below are a few guides of how to successfully use these various telework capabilities. If you run into any issues please refer to the Guides below for step by step instructions. 

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