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As Client Executive, BUMED M8, Resource Management is the Comptroller for
NMETC and is responsible for all fiscal execution for NMETC and subordinate


  • Funds administration, budgeting, accounting, fiscal guidance, and agency coordination of the government's purchase and travel card programs.
  • Overseeing the command's Management Internal Control Program and the technical aspect of Support Agreement Program. Providing guidance; ensuring reports are submitted in a timely manner; forwarding for review by SME, and tracking reported material weaknesses and submitting a quarterly report and annual certification statement of assurance. 
  • Functioning as the operations manager, ensuring budget and accounting functions are fully complete.
  • Managing the government purchase and travel card programs for the region. Directing and overseeing the use of the Defense Travel Systems for NMETC. 
  • Executing the annual budget. Preparing budget calls and budget submissions. Monitoring budget execution on a weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly basis as directed. Giving analytical assessment of activity level execution and recommending executable actions. 


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  • Accounting for fiscal revenues and expenditures. Ensuring fiscal postings are correct to the document level and taking corrective action when discrepancies are noted.
  • Providing memorandum of understanding/inter-service support agreement (MOU/ISSA) coordination. Providing technical assistance and review of AOR MOU/ISSA packages to ensure complete analysis prior to submission. 
  • Managing NMETC AOR Government Purchase Card Programs. Ensuring monthly, quarterly and semi-annual reports are performed, deficiencies are noted and corrected, and all program regulations are followed. Providing annual cardholder training and other training as necessary. 
  • Managing the Government Travel Card Program for NMETC AOR. Ensuring required reports are performed. Maintaining traveler database. Ensuring travelers make timely payment against the government travel card and corrects deficiencies when noted. Ensuring cardholders receive initial training, complete the statement of understanding, and receive refresher training as required. 
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