Command Ombudsman

(The information below was taken from The Navy Fleet and Family Support Center Ombudsman Program site.  For more information, including an Ombudsman Program FAQ, please visit The Navy Fleet and Family Support Center Ombudsman Program site.)

What are Ombudsmen? 

Navy Family Ombudsmen are communications links, information and referral resources, and advocates for command family members. Appointed by the Commanding Officer, Command Ombudsmen are volunteers and spouses of service members within the command. As an official command representative, the Ombudsman is a point of contact for all family members connected to the command - including spouses, parents, and extended family members. The Ombudsman Code of Ethics guarantees professionalism and confidentiality, within program guidelines. Each Ombudsman Program is owned by the Commanding Officer and will be unique the command's size and needs. For more information, including frequently asked questions, visit the Ombudsman Program Web Page.

How can an Ombudsman help me?

Navy Family Ombudsmen are key resources for family members, particularly during deployments. Ombudsmen maintain current resource files with information on military and civilian community agencies that can help families solve a variety of problems, and successfully meet the challenges they face before, during, and after deployments. In addition to providing referral information, Ombudsmen can facilitate communication between the Command and family members. Ombudsmen may publish or contribute to command newsletters or maintain care lines, which have recorded messages with information for command families that can be accessed 24 hours a day. Ombudsmen can also assist families in contacting the Command for a variety of reasons.

How do I contact my Command Ombudsman?

You can use the links below to contact your Ombudsman using the Ombudsman Registry contact form.  You can also use the  Ombudsman Intake Form.  If there are any problems, please email for help & information.

NMOTC Pensacola Ombudsman

NAMI Pensacola Ombudsman

NUMI Groton Ombudsman

NEMTI Camp Pendleton Ombudsman

NSOMI Ft. Bragg Ombudsman

SWMI San Diego Ombudsman


NSTI Pensacola Ombudsman

ASTC Pensacola Ombudsman

ASTC Lemoore Ombudsman

ASTC Cherry Point Ombudsman

ASTC Miramar Ombudsman

ASTC Jacksonville Ombudsman

ASTC Patuxent River Ombudsman

ASTC Norfolk Ombudsman

ASTC Whidbey Island Ombudsman