Field Medical Service Technician (FMST) NEC 8404

This formal training school familiarizes personnel to be assigned with USMC organizations.  USMC organizational processes and procedures, competency in Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), logistics, and administrative support in a field environment. Additionally, training will include general military subjects, individual and small unit tactics, military drills, physical training/conditioning, and weapons familiarization with the opportunity to qualify on the rifle. Completion of FMST results in the student receiving Navy Enlisted Classification HM-8404.

Duration:  8 weeks                   Location: Field Medical Training Battalion at Camp Pendleton/Camp Lejeune

How to enroll:  Contact your local Command Career Counselor

This course is provided under orders of PERSCOM as an instructional stop.  This course of instruction is assigned to new HMs en-route to their first duty assignment or as part of a Planned Change of Station (PCS) assignment with the United States Marine Corps.