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The sole Navy source for Aeromedical training at all levels, including Aerospace Medicine residency. NAMI trains more than 240 aeromedical providers, including Aerospace Medicine Technicians (NEC 8406) and all categories of Aeromedical Officers. The U.S. Army sends their Aerospace Medicine residents through the Navy program. Several foreign military services; including Germany, France, Israel, Canada, Norway and the Netherlands, choose to send their physicians to our Aeromedical Officer training program. NAMI is truly an internationally recognized Center of Excellence.

Request a Sponsor

If you have just received orders to the Naval Aerospace Medicine Institute, a Welcome Aboard package will be sent to you. To help us assess your needs and assign a command sponsor, please complete the Sponsor Request Form.

Command Sponsorship Program

Email: usn.pensacola.navmedotcnamefl.list.nami-sponsor@mail.mil
Phone: 850-452-9434

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Relocation Information

Temporary Lodging

  • Navy Gateway Inn & Suites
    Bayshore BH
    600 Moffitt Rd.
    Pensacola, FL 32508-5217
    Phone: 1-877-628-9233 Ext. 736
    FAX: 850-452-4261
    DSN prefix: 459

  • Navy Bachelor Housing - Enlisted
    3910 East Ave.
    Pensacola, FL 32508-5217
    Front Desk/Reservations: 850-452-7076/77
    FAX: 850-452-7784
    DSN prefix: 459

  • Navy Lodge
    Pensacola, FL 32508-5217
    Phone: 850-456-8676
    Fax: 850-457-7151

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Reporting Aboard - Military & Civilian Personnel

During normal working hours (0730-1600), report with your orders and records to the Administrative/Personnel Management Department (850-452-9260), located in building 3933 Rm M147, in the Uniform of the Day. After normal working hours, or on a weekend or holiday, report to the Naval Air Station Pensacola Quarterdeck (850-452-3100, then press "0", building 624).

Mailing Address

Naval Aerospace Medicine Institute
340 Hulse Road
Pensacola, FL 32508

Phone: 850-452-2933
DSN: 459-2933
E-Mail: NMOTC-INFO@mail.mil