Inbound Aerospace Physiology Technician (APT)
I congratulate you on your decision to join the aerospace medicine community. Becoming an Aerospace Physiology Technician (APT) will afford you a fascinating experience with travel opportunities, professional responsibilities, and rewarding associations with an outstanding group of men and women. You have elected to become part of an exciting NEC, and I am happy to welcome you.
My staff is eager to help you make the transition to your new role. Pensacola is one of the most historical, friendly, and Navy-minded communities in the United States. NAS Pensacola is known as the "Cradle of Naval Aviation", and serves as the launching point for training of every Naval Aviator, Naval Flight Officer and Enlisted Aircrewman. NAS is also home to the world-famous Blue Angels. If you need PCS information assistance our Fleet and Family Support Center is located in Building 625 and is an outstanding "one-stop" assistance center for your needs. The phone number for the Fleet and Family Support Center is (850) 452-2155. Also, the NAMI website offers hyperlinks to housing and public/private school information which may be of benefit.
Your reporting date for your class will be documented on your orders and you must report as per the No Later Than (NLT) date. NAMI Headquarters is located in Bldg 664 on Hulse Road. Phone numbers are (850) 452-9588 or (850) 452-9434. If you are ordered into a PSI status, you may contact the NAMI Headquarters Leading Petty Officer. APT School is located in the Laurel B. Clark and David M. Brown Aerospace Medicine Academic Center at 281 Hulse Road, building number is 665. Phone numbers are (850) 452-2357 (Admin) or (850) 452-9260 (LPO). DSN prefix is 459-XXXX.
Reporting procedures - You are to report to NAMI NO LATER THAN the date written within your orders. This will allow you to have sufficient time to check into the command and arrange for housing or lodging in the Barracks. As an accession student, you will reside in the Bayshores Bachelor Housing located at 905 East Street aboard NAS Pensacola. Phone numbers to the Bayshores Bachelor Housing located are (850) 452-7077 or DSN 459-7077. Fleet RETURNEES will reside in the Navy Gateway Inn and Suites located at 600 Moffett Road. If quarters are unavailable at the Navy Gateway Inn and Suites, you must obtain a certificate of Non-Availability from them and you can obtain lodging at a local hotel/motel within the area of the base. If at all possible, check in during normal working hours (0730-1600) to have your orders stamped by the Headquarters or Schoolhouse staff. You will need your health record, dental record, current Flight Physical with Up Chit and service record with you, NOT packed with your personal belongings.
Uniforms should travel with you, not packed away in the household goods shipment. The uniform of the day at NAMI upon check in will be Service Dress Blues or Service Dress Whites with ribbons. Our Navy Exchange Uniform Shop routinely carries a selection of the common types of uniforms and accessories. Make sure to bring the appropriate uniforms for the time of year you will be attending school. In addition to the dress uniform, you will need the appropriate working uniform, NSU, NWU, and PT uniforms. Basically, be PREPARED and travel with a full sea bag.
Directions to Building 665:
Main Gate
From Main Gate, go straight down Duncan Road.
Turn RIGHT onto Hovey Road.
Turn LEFT onto Hulse Road. Look for Building 664 and 665 on your Right.
Back Gate
From the Back Gate, go straight down Radford Blvd. Turn LEFT onto Hulse Road, which is located across from the Mustin Beach Club.
Drive up the hill and Building 665 and 664 will be on your Left. Bldg. 665 is directly behind Bldg.628 (NETC)
Should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact the Leading Petty Officer at (850) 452-9260/2357 or DSN 459-9260/2357,  or our Admin personnel at (850) 452-2357 or DSN 459-2357, or myself, HM1 Kostelnik (Leading Petty Officer, APT School) at (850) 452-8365 or DSN 459-8365. The NAMI Chief of the Day phone number is: (850) 449-4909. The NMOTC Command Duty Officer number is: (850) 450-1366.
Of final note, keep in mind that the entire staff of the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute stands by ready to help you succeed and become a Naval Aerospace Physiology Technician. 

Richard O'Dell


Leading Chief Petty Officer

Aerospace Physiology Technician School

Naval Aerospace Medical Institute, Code 53AH



Hulse Road

Pensacola, FL 32508-1092

COMM (850)452-2017 DSN 922-2017

NAMI Aerospace Physiology Technician Check-In.pdf