Welcome to Aerospace Physical Qualifications


The Aerospace Physical Qualifications Department supports Navy and Marine Corps Aviation by:

  • Reviewing the aeromedical for aviation applicants and personnel
  • Providing Quality Assurance/Peer Review for fleet aeromedical practitioners
  • Continuously reviewing Aviation Medical Standards
  • Providing informational support and consultative services
  • Providing a complete and comprehensive database of aviation personnel

Department Functions

  • Develops medical standards for aviation specialty programs of the Navy and Marine Corps
  • Review applicant and waiver physicals for compliance with aviation standards
  • Recommends waivers of standards to Bureau of Personnel and the Commandment of the Marine Corps and other headquarters agencies
  • Manages and analyzes the Navy Aeromedical Electronic Resource Office (AERO)
  • Quality Assurance review and endorsement of 20,000 aviation physical examinations annually
  • Publishes Aeromedical Reference and Waiver Guide
  • Chairs Aeromedical Advisory Council
  • Provides instruction to student Flight Surgeons and Aerospace Medicine Technicians
  • Provide consultative services to fleet line officers and aviation medical personnel
  • Maintain microfiche files

The Aeromedical Advisory Council is composed of NMOTC Medical Specialists and local Flight Surgeons with years of fleet experience. The Council is chartered to:

  • Review current aviation medical standards
  • Discuss changes to standards based on current data
  • Consider medications for use by aviation personnel
  • Submit proposed changes to higher authority for approval

Training and Instruction

We provide classroom and small group training for Student Flight Surgeons and Aerospace Medicine technicians, as well as the Residents in Aerospace Medicine. Topics include:

  • Governing Navy and Bureau of Medicine and Surgery instructions
  • Waiver package review
  • Aeromedical Standards
  • Physical Qualifications
  • Waiver procedures
  • Local Board of Flight Surgeons


We maintain a wealth of information in both electronic and hard media forms.

  • Comprehensive microfiche database
    1. Active aviation personnel
    2. Archive of retired or non-active fliers
  • The Aeromedical Electronic Resource Office (AERO) is a web-based DoD system used jointly by the U.S. Army, Coast Guard, and Navy, which allows local examining sites to complete and upload exam results and waiver requests to NAMI.
  • Statistics can be extracted for many physical parameters, as well as demographics and waiver dispositions.
  • ICD-9 codes are assigned to disqualifying defects to allow monitoring and follow-up for specific conditions.


  • Liaison with fleet Commanders concerning medical qualifications
  • Advisor to fleet Flight Surgeons
  • Advisor to fleet Aerospace Medical Technicians
  • Reality check for Medical Specialists -- the aviation implications

Review & Quality Assurance

  • Review submitted physicals for completeness
  • Assure compliance with standards
  • Review supporting documentation
  • Make recommendations regarding qualifications for aviation duty
  • Monitor facility performance trends