Code 24 Internal Medicine

Welcome to the Code 24 website! We appreciate your interest, and plan to pass along the latest information concerning our department. The department consists of the internal medicine and neurology consultative services to the Navy Medicine Operational Training Center.


The mission of the NMOTC Medicine Department is to:

  1. Provide subspecialty consultative services to aviation, special duty, and operational military personnel referred for diagnosis, medical management, and disposition of neurologic and internal medicine conditions.
  2. To train naval aviation medicine personnel.

The Medicine Department

  • Provides consultation in internal medicine and neurology for Navy and Marine aviation personnel worldwide.
  • Instructs Student Flight Surgeons, Aerospace Medicine Residents and Aerospace Medicine Technicians in aeromedical topics in neurology and internal medicine conditions.
  • Provides consultation to Special Boards of Flight Surgeons, mishap investigations and human factors boards
  • Maintains liaison with the Army, Air Force, FAA, NASA, NATO, and other concerning aeromedical issues.
  • Provides neurology and internal medicine consultative support in the evaluation and treatment of decompression sickness and arterial gas embolism.
  • Research
  • Assists with the development of physical standards for aviation personnel


Self-Paced Airsickness Desensitization (SPAD)

A comprehensive treatment of last resort for airsickness in aircrew who have not adapted to the disequilibrating environment of flight. SPAD use of cross-coupled coriolis stimulation combined with extensive biofeedback techniques have enabled most aircrew with seemingly intractable airsickness to return to flying. Treatment typically takes six to eight weeks; call us for details. Training uses a spinning chair and progressively increasing rotational force (up to 20 revolutions per minute) coupled with head movements to mimic the disorienting effects of flight. Emphasis on biofeedback enables personnel to adapt more effectively to the adverse stimuli.


Neurology Physician:
Neurology consultation and queries
Email :
Phone: DSN 459-2839, COMM (850) 452-2839, FAX: (850) 452-2690

Internal Medicine Physician:
Internal Medicine consultation and queries
Email :
Phone: DSN 459-2941, COMM (850) 452-2941, FAX: (850) 452-2690

Neurology/Internal Medicine Secretary:
Appointment scheduling and general information
Phone: DSN 459-2891, COMM (850) 452-2891, FAX: (850) 452-2690

Phone: DSN 459-2891, COMM (850) 452-2891

Cardiopulmonary Medical Technician: Cardiovascular Technician: Echocardiography studies, holter
monitoring, pulmonary function studies and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring RDCS
Phone: DSN 459-2891, COMM (850) 452-2891

Spad Scheduling and Queries:
Phone: DSN 459-2891, COMM (850) 452-2891