Eye Department

Welcome to the Eye Department website! We appreciate your interest, and plan to pass along the latest information concerning our department. The department provides ophthalmologic consultation to the Navy Medicine Operational Training Center.


The mission of the NMOTC Eye Department is to support the operational forces of the United States Navy and Marine Corps by:

  • Performing ophthalmic screening and evaluation of candidates for duty involving aviation in the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard and foreign military services.
  • Diagnosis of ocular/visual disorders in active duty members of the Navy and Marine Corps Aviation community.
  • Making recommendations regarding flight status of active duty members with ocular/visual disorders in accordance with the Manual of the Medical Department, Chapter 15.
  • Providing academic and clinical instruction in operational (aviation) ophthalmology and optometry to Student Naval Flight Surgeons, Aerospace Optometrists, Aerospace Physiologists, Aviation Experimental Psychologists and Aviation Medicine Technicians.
  • Doing clinical research on aeromedical vision related topics.
  • Performing annual ophthalmic examinations on the "Repatriated Prisoners of War", "1000 Aviators" and "Control Group" for the Robert E. Mitchell Center for RPOW Studies.
  • Acting as ophthalmologic and optometric consultants to the Aeromedical Advisory Committee and to the fleet aeromedical community.
  • Otherwise supporting the mission of the command by carrying out clinical, administrative or collateral duties as directed by the Commanding Officer.

Nuances from NAMI Eye: FAQs/Pearls/Tips

Corrective Eye Surgery Information

   See Ch. 12 of the ARWG for specific details about refractive surgery for aviation applicants and designated personnel.


Aeromedical Summary Forms


Email: usn.pensacola.navmedotcnamefl.list.NAMI-ophthal@mail.mil

Front Desk - Phone: (850) 452-2933

Department Head - Phone: DSN 459-2932, COMM (850) 452-2932

Ophthalmologist - Phone: DSN 459-3214, COMM (850) 452-3214

Aerospace Optometrist - Phone: DSN 459-3222, COMM (850) 452-3222

LPO - Phone: DSN 459-3227, COMM (850) 452-3227