Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCCT) Train-the-Trainer Course

Target Audience

Hospital Corpsman, E-5 and above.


To provide personnel with the knowledge and skills required to instruct others in providing medical care in a combat environment following the principles of pre-hospital trauma life support and the guidelines and mission of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).


Hospital Corpsmen in pay grade E-5 and above, with previous experience in a combat environment. It is highly recommended that students have the 9502 NEC or recent instructional experience. The course familiarizes students with the curriculum and materials they will use during instruction but the responsibility lies with them to develop effective instructional techniques. The Navy has formal courses that provide instructional skills. Students should attend those courses before applying to becoming a TCCC instructor. Students should have proficiency in the following skills prior to attending the course: Casualty drags and carries, airways (NPA, advance airways, surgical cric), hemorrhage control, chest needle decompression, IVs, intraosseous infusion, splinting, pressure dressings, patient assessment (primary and secondary survey), CPR, shock recognition, and spinal stabilization. (See statement regarding E4s on under Provider course). TCCC-P should be completed prior to attending the Instructor course.

Download Powerpoints and Lesson plans:


The funding to attend this course must be provided by the Parent Command.

Course overview

To provide optimal medical support during combat by developing the students' knowledge, skills, and abilities in pre-hospital trauma life support topics with an emphasis on emergency medical care and evacuation, and treatment of shock-affected trauma casualties using the guidelines of tactical combat care during combat operations.

Length: 3 days Classes/yr: TBA Seats/yr: TBA
CIN #: B-300-4000 - -
CDP: 05LU - -
UIC: 46488 - -


West Coast - Naval Expeditionary Medicine Institute (Camp Pendleton, CA)

Class Schedule

For those personnel attending the TCCC Train-the-Trainer course, please make sure your TAD orders state you will be remaining onboard NEMTI for a total of 5 days instead of 3 days. You will be instructing a TCCC-P course in order to obtain your Instructor certification which will be held after the Instructor course. When applying for the class, I will need the following: the TCCC application, your Provider cert completed within the last 3 yrs. For further clarification, questions or concerns; please contact Ms. Bettye Love at 760 763-1640 x222/760 725-7121 x222 or via email Bettye.J.Love.Civ@mail.mil.

NOTE: If we dont not have the minimum number of students to conduct the class; cancellation of the course will occur 5 days prior and if any students are enrolled; they will be notified of the cancellations.

FY16- 1st Quarter
Course Start Date Course End Date Course Type
16-Nov-15 20-Nov-15 Instructor

FY16 - 2nd Quarter
Course Start Date Course End Date Course Type
21-Mar-16 25-Mar-16 Instructor 

FY16 - 3rd Quarter
Course Start Date Course End Date Course Type
09-May-16 13-May-16 Instructor

FY16 - 4th Quarter
Course Start Date Course End Date Course Type
01-Aug-16 05-Aug-16 Instructor


Camp Pendleton Courses: Attendees will be billeted at the Naval Expeditionary Medicine Training Institute (NEMTI) compound. Government meal rate applies to the Camp Pendleton attendees. POC for quota control and lodging information call DSN: 365-7121 Ext: 222 or Comm: (760)725-7121 Ext: 222 or email.


Working Uniforms: Service specific