Welcome to ASTC Cherry Point, NC

What to Bring:

  1. Uniform: Aircrew personnel are to report in a flight suit. All other personnel should report in their assigned utility uniform. The training is dynamic in nature and will require students to don and doff gear and various aircrew systems. Organizational clothing, PT gear, and civilian attire are not authorized.
  2. Medical Clearance: A current Aeromedical Clearance Notice (NAVMED 6410/2) is required. The "up-chit" must indicate that the candidate is PQ and AA for Duty Involving Operational Flying or clearly state PQ/AA for Naval Aviation Survival Training.
  3. NATOPS Jacket: Aircrew personnel are required to present their NATOPS jacket for proper documentation of training.
  4. Pool Gear: Students getting in the pool must bring a modest swimsuit, towel, shower shoes. A spare t-shirt and socks are recommended. Students who wear contact lenses should bring a lens kit for removal of lenses during water training. Swim goggles, nose clips and ear plugs are not authorized.