Welcome to ASTC Jacksonville, FL

What to Bring:

FLIGHT SUITS are the uniform of the day for all aviation personnel. All personnel reporting for Aviation Survival Training must report with the following:

  1. NATOPS Training Jackets
  2. A current Aeromedical Clearance Notice ("Up-Chit")
  3. Medical Clearance for Nonmilitary/Nonaircrew Personnel to Fly in USN/USMC Aircraft.
  4. Appropriate swim attire and towel. Swim goggles are not authorized for any water testing evaluation.

All Classes begin at 0730 sharp. Please report to the ASTC no earlier than 0655 and no later than 0715.

NOTE!! It Is Each Student's Responsibility To Accurately Report Their Personal State Of Health And Physical Condition Upon Reporting For Training!!! Naval Aviation Survival Training is HIGH RISK training.