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Welcome to ASTC Norfolk, VA

NSTI InsigniaASTC Norfolk is a directorate of the Naval Survival Training Institute, NAS Pensacola FL, serving as the Training Agent for Aviation Survival Training and the subject matter experts on all military operational medicine. Students are provided safe, effective, fleet relevant aviation survival and human performance training focused on preventing the next mishap and increasing survivability. The training is conducted through didactic classroom lectures, in simulator based devices, and with a focus on practical application.

ASTC Norfolk provides and meets the aviation survival and safety requirements of all Naval Aviation and DoD activities. Through didactic classroom or squadron lectures, simulator devices and a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on exposure to survival skills, we offer the best survival training available to the Fleet.

Scheduling note: Due to the rapidly changing Covid-19 situation and required COVID mitigation requirements, seats available in our currently scheduled classes are limited and walk-ins are no longer accepted. We understand the demand for training is high and we are doing our best to accommodate the needs of our warfighters. We continue to monitor student demand and are exploring options to add capacity but what is shown on our website is our up to date availability. CNAF has released a limited NASTP waiver extending NASTP quals until 01 January 2021 for those that can't travel to an ASTC. Link to waiver found here.

14 day ROM shall be required for those who are not stationed at a base in Norfolk/Hampton Roads Area. ROM may be completed in your domicile at originating location as long as bubble to bubble transportation and Norfolk base lodging is utilized while attending class.

Measures you can expect to be in place when you arrive at the ASTC:

  • COVID-19 questionnaire and temperature checks upon arrival and admittance to our facility. Requirement to wash hands when entering the facility (and frequently throughout the day)
  • Frequent disinfection of surfaces
  • Mask required upon check-in and within 6 feet of staff and students
  • Wash hands frequently



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Contact Information

  • ASTC Quarter Deck (757)322-1202, (DSN) 262
  • ASTC OOD (757)387-0068
  • ASTC Sponsor Coordinator -
  • FAX (757)445-9284 (DSN) 565
    • 459 Bellinger Blvd
    • Norfolk, VA 23511