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Welcome to ASTC Pensacola, FL

ASTC Pensacola PatchOrganization: The Naval Survival Training Institute reports directly to the NMOTC Commanding Officer and is responsible for providing oversight to, and exercising command and control over, three training departments. These training departments are Aviation Physiology Training Department (APTD) and Aviation Water Survival Training Department (AWSTD).



What To Bring

  • What to Bring Information
  • Students on paid TAD or PCS orders are required to produce them at check-in and upon completion of the course to be stamped. NASTP QUALIFICATION LETTERS WILL NOT BE ISSUED UNTIL ORDERS ARE STAMPED.

    Water Survival Students must bring a practical swimsuit or shorts and a towel. Practical swimsuit for Females is either a black or navy blue one piece swimsuit. A practical swimsuit for Males is either black or blue PT shorts that tie at the waist. It is highly recommended that students bring a spare t-shirt and socks to be worn with pool issue flight equipment. Students who wear contact lenses are encouraged to bring a contact lens kit for removal of lenses during water training. Swim goggles are not authorized for any water testing evaluation.


    Non-aircrew Device Request Form

    This form shall be received AS WELL AS THE STUDENTS UP-CHIT by ASTC-Pensacola Ops NLT 96HRS prior to the commencement of training. If the device request form is not received, the student WIL NOT receive ANY device training IAW CNAF M-3710.7, Appendix E. If an up-chit is not received, the student WILL NOT receive ANY training IAW CNAF M-3710.7, Appendix E.

    ASTC-Pensacola Ops Email



POC Info

  • ASTC Physiology Quarterdeck (850)452-2142  (DSN) 459
    ASTC Water Survival Department Quarterdeck (850)452-2688 (DSN) 459
    FAX (850)452-3404 (DSN) 459
    ADDRESS: Building 3845
    Pensacola, FL 32508-1091

"For all HABD, Underwater Egress, and Class 2 top-off scheduling inquires contact the Water Survival Department Quarterdeck at 850-452-2688"
"For all other inquires contact ASTC Operations at 850-452-2141"