Physical Prerequisites for Participation in the NASTP

  1. All prospective and designated flight personnel (including DoD civilians) on competent flight orders shall have and present a current BUMED 6410/2 prior to participation in any NASTP dynamic training. The documentation shall be signed by a naval FS, or aviation medical officer (AMO).
  2. Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Medical Officers, Diving Medical Officers (DMO) and Undersea Medical Officers (UMO) are authorized to provide medical clearance letters for personnel participating in basic/advanced water survival/underwater egress training (i.e., SEBD, Survival Swimming, Remedial Swim, Non-aircrew Underwater Emergency Egress, CBR In-water Egress & Survival, USMC Underwater Egress Familiarization).
  3. DMOs and UMOs are authorized to provide medical clearance letters for military personnel (e.g., Special Operations Forces (SOF)) participating in High Altitude Parachutist (HAP) Physiology or Advanced Underwater Egress Training and Survival Procedures.
  4. Enlisted Personnel (e.g., Independent Duty Corpsman (IDC) or other Hospital Corpsman (HM)) are not authorized to provide (or sign) medical clearance for FMF or other personnel with the following exception: IDC or HM may issue an aeromedical clearance after consultation with a credentialed flight surgeon or aeromedical provider. The record must include specific identifying information of the provider consulted as well as summarize the information discussed.
  5. Personnel participating in NASTP lectures only do not require medical clearance.
  6. Civilian contractors (pilots, aircrew, and non-aircrew) shall present a current FAA Medical Certificate and OPNAV 3710/18a form signed by a FAA Certified Aviation Medical Examiner or other qualified physician prior to participation in high-risk, dynamic NASTP training. If a current FAA Medical Certificate plus a completed 3710/18a is not utilized for participation in high-risk, dynamic NASTP training, the civilian contractor shall present a completed OPNAV 3710/18 form prior to participation in the training. Military flight surgeons shall have no responsibility for the endorsement of NASTP training (3710/18a) for civilian contractors.
  7. With regard to naval aviator and enlisted aircrew candidates entering initial training through either the CNATRA or USAF AETC pipeline, exceptions to paragraph 8.4.3.a are authorized as determined by NAVOPMEDINST as follow:
  8. For cases where NAMI has a completed flight physical but cannot issue an Aeromedical Clearance Notice pending administrative processing, NAMI may certify the candidate physically qualified to commence Initial training using NAVOPMEDINST 6120/2.
  9. Naval aviator candidates and enlisted aircrew candidates awaiting waiver approval for a physical defect may be transferred from NAVAVSCOLSCOM to further aviation pipeline training only upon recommendation from NAMI and NAVAVSCOLSCOM.
  10. Non-aircrew personnel, Federal Government agency personnel (except NASA) and civilian agency personnel shall have a BUMED 6410/2 or OPNAV 3710/18 for participation in the NASTP. The medical clearance is valid for 1 year. Where non-aircrew personnel may fly in U.S. Navy/U.S. Marine Corps aircraft on a recurring basis, their medical clearance should be adjusted to expire on the last day of their birth month.
  11. Appropriate medical clearances for other U.S. military, USCG or NASA personnel participating in the NASTP may be signed by those services’ or agencies’ medical officers, signifying that the individual is physically qualified for participation in high-risk NASTP training.
  12. Physical prerequisites for other personnel not identified above shall be determined on a case-by-case basis by COMNAVAIRFOR (N45) or CMC (ASM).
  13. The NASTP swimming ability prerequisite is U.S. Navy 3rd Class swimmer, U.S. Marine Corps CWS-1, or better. For U.S. Marine Corps assault troops participating in NASTP Module M5, U.S. Marine Corps CWS-3 (to include survival flotation instruction) or better is required. Officer and enlisted aircrew receiving pre-flight training at Naval Aviation Schools Command (NASC) shall pass the intermediate swim course (CIN C-050-0605)and CPR/Basic First Aid prior to enrolling in aircrew indoctrination NASTP training. Specific details of requirements to be followed are provided in the front matter of each CNO/COMNAVAIRFOR approved NASTP curriculum.