Reporting for Training

  1. UNIFORM of the DAY. All students must report in uniform. Flight suits are accepted and encouraged. Utilities are acceptable. Class C uniforms are always acceptable. Do not report for training with inappropriate uniform attire (Organizational clothing, PT gear, work clothes, etc.)
  2. Students participating in Water Survival must bring a (modest, one piece) swim suit or shorts and a towel. It is highly recommended that students bring a spare t-shirt and socks, if preferred, to be worn with pool issue flight equipment. Students who wear contact lenses are encouraged to bring a contact lens kit for removal of lenses during water training. Swim goggles and/or earplugs are not authorized for any water testing evaluation.
  3. UP-CHIT. All participants must report with a current Aeromedical Clearance Notice (NAVMED 6410/2). "Up-Chits" must indicate that candidates are PQ and AA for Duty Involving Operational Flying, or clearly state PQ/AA for Naval Aviation Survival Training. In addition, Aircrew should present their NATOPS Training Jackets so that the training may be documented properly, though this is not required. Proper documentation can be given to you for proof of training.

All non-military personnel attending Aviation Survival Training must report with a current Aeromedical Clearance Notice("Up-Chit") or Medical Clearance for Nonmilitary/Nonaircrew Personnel to Fly in USN/USMC Aircraft (OPNAV 3710/18 (3-95)).

NOTE: IT IS EACH STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ACCURATELY REPORT THEIRPERSONAL STATE OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL CONDITION UPON REPORTING FOR TRAINING. Naval Aviation Survival Training is physically demanding, HIGH RISK and VOLUNTARY training. Candidates may request a Training Time Out or Drop on Request at any time or for any reason.

PLEASE BE AT THE ASTC ON TIME for Medical Screening and Record Checks. Students reporting AFTER the start time of classes may not be eligible to complete a full qualification on that day, and will have to reschedule and return on another day to make up missing elements.