Training Waivers/Qualification Extensions

Personnel delinquent in the NASTP training requirements shall not be scheduled to fly unless a qualification extension has been granted by the appropriate aviation TYCOM or in accordance with this instruction as follows:

  1. Training waivers for required Aircrew and Non-aircrew Indoctrination NASTP Training shall be submitted to COMNAVAIRFOR (N45) or CMC (ASM) as appropriate. Waivers for individuals participating in orientation/indoctrination flights will be handled per paragraph 3.2. If a waiver is granted, the pilot in command shall ensure that the individual(s) are thoroughly briefed on installed life support systems (i.e., oxygen systems, parachutes, life vests, exposure suits), emergency egress systems (i.e., ejection seats, canopy jettison system), and ditching, crash landing and bailout procedures. NASTP requirements are waived for passengers in aircraft not equipped with ejection seats or personal oxygen systems used for primary life support.
  2. Training waivers and qualification extensions for Aircrew Refresher NASTP training shall be submitted to the appropriate aviation TYCOM.
  3. COMNAVAIRFOR or CMC may grant a waiver/qualification extension if the previously designated waiver authorities are not in the chain of command.
  4. COMNAVAIRFOR (N45) shall be an information addressee on all waiver/qualification extension requests.