About NUMI

NUMI is the source of training for Submarine Force Independent Duty Corpsmen (HM-8402), Radiation Health Technicians (HM-8407), Undersea Medical Officers (16U0) and Radiation Health Officers (NOBC 0845 or 0847). NUMI also provides the Navy's only Radiation Health Indoctrination course for officers and enlisted personnel going to a wide variety of billets throughout the Fleet. Staff members field calls from military activities all over the world on matters related to Radiation Health, Undersea Medicine, and Submarine Medical Administration.

We are committed to educational excellence and technical expertise which will create a learning environment that instills competence, confidence and integrity. We foster innovation, creativity, and teamwork, while producing graduates whose performance exceeds the expectations of our customers by making a positive impact on the health, safety, and wellbeing of Sailors and Marines around the world.