Submarine IDC Curricula

Submarine Independent Duty Corpsman Curricula

The curriculum consists of a 58 week course of intensive, fast-paced study and includes 6 weeks of initial training at the Basic Enlisted Submarine School (BESS), and subsequent training at the Naval Undersea Medical Institute (NUMI) in topics covering Radiation Health (8 weeks) and Clinical and Operational Medicine (44 weeks). A myriad of topics involving all facets of leading the medical department onboard an operational submarine are covered: administering the radiation health and atmosphere control programs, conducting atmosphere sampling, performing laboratory procedures, and diagnosing and treating a variety of illnesses and injuries, to name a few. Throughout the course of study, each student is assigned a faculty mentor for a unique one-on-one preceptorship. This mentor provides academic advisement and assignments, career counseling, etc., and is a constant, readily available resource for the student.

Opportunities exist for off-site training during the 12 weeks of clinical rotations, which follow the didactic phases. Currently, clinical partnerships exist with the United States Coast Guard Academy Medical Clinic, Naval Ambulatory Care Centers in Groton, CT, and Newport, RI, as well as Yale New Haven Hospital. These rotations offer invaluable training in areas including anesthesia, trauma and critical care medicine, emergency medicine, and other real-world aspects of operational medicine.