Welcome from the OIC


To our newly reporting staff, students and family members, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to Naval Undersea Medical Institute (NUMI), Groton, Connecticut. You'll be joining an outstanding mix of staff and students in the "Home of the Submarine Force", and I'm sure you'll find the overall quality of life in the New England area to be absolutely fantastic.

(Read the OIC's Welcome Aboard Letter)

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If you have just received orders to the Naval Undersea Medical Institute, a Welcome Aboard package will be sent to you. To help us assess your needs and assign a command sponsor, please complete the Sponsor Request Form.

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Command Sponsorship Program

Email: ashley.n.johnson291.mil@mail.mil
Phone: 860-694-6463

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During normal working hours (0730-1630), report with your orders and records to Building 159.

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