Submarine Medical Officer (SMO) Qualifications

All graduates of NUMI's Undersea Medical Officer Candidate (UMOC) course are eligible to earn the AQD "6UM", Medical Officer Designation Qualified in Submarines. The requirements are listed in MILPERSMAN 1210-130 and consist of:

  • Successfully passing a comprehensive qualification examination
  • Serving at least 30 days on board a submarine (not necessarily consecutive) 
  • Completion of submarine qualification card
  • Preparation of an acceptable thesis related to Undersea Medicine

NUMI Instruction 5420.2N (click here) establishes a SMO Qualification Board and also provides qualification guidance and procedures for SMO candidates. 

To request the SMO exam, submit documents related to SMO designation, or any additional questions, please contact the current SMO program manager at

You can click the underlined text to view the Completed Thesis List From 2000 to Present. To request copies of a specific thesis, please copy and passte the request information listed below into an email directed at the SMO program manager at



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