Submarine IDC

A submariner realizes the extent the boat depends upon him as an individual. To a non-submariner, this is not evident and sometimes difficult to comprehend. A submarine at sea is a different world unto itself, and in consideration of the current Sea Warrior 21 initiatives and current global war on terror, the Navy must place responsibility and trust in the hands of those who take these boats to sea.

In each submarine there are men who, in the hour of emergency or peril, turn to one another. These men are ultimately responsible to themselves and each to the other for all aspects of the operation of their submarine. They are the crew. They are the boat.

The purpose of training IDC students is to equip them with the medical and administrative knowledge and skills required to administer all aspects of the medical department aboard an operational submarine. This is perhaps the most difficult and demanding assignment in the Navy. There is not an instance during the IDC’s tour that he can escape the grasp of responsibility.

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