Welcome to the Undersea Medical Officer Candidate (UMOC) Course

To contact the UMOC DIVO, send email to NUMI-POC

Welcome to the Undersea Medical Officer (UMO) course (CIN: B-6-A-2200)

Phase one is six weeks at the Naval Undersea Medical Institute (NUMI) located on Naval Submarine Base New London located in Groton, Connecticut. Training during this introductory phase includes rigorous physical conditioning and a modified Radiation Health Indoctrination (RHI) course. Physical Training is emphasized during this phase to prepare the student for dive school, and entails approximately two-three hours of swimming, running, calisthenics, finning, and water confidence training per day. The goal of the physical training is for the student to pass the diver Physical Screening Test (PST) and to prepare the student for dive school. Students must be able to pass the Diver PST by the end of Phase One in order to continue on to Phase Two at NDSTC.

Phase two is nine weeks of dive and medical training at the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC) in Panama City Beach, Florida. Students fly down to NDSTC and generally live on base where the emphasis on physical conditioning is continued with daily PT conducted by the dive school training team. Each candidate will be required to pass a Diver PST at NDSTC upon arrival for training. The first two weeks incorporate basic and advanced SCUBA diving. The candidates also receive additional training in the operation of closed circuit re-breathing systems used by the navy SEAL teams (oxygen based) and EOD Teams (mixed gas based). Training in the salvage communities' surface supplied (hard hat) diving equipment is also provided during this phase. Students receive hands-on experience in hyperbaric chamber operations as well as extensive training in the Navy Recompression tables and diving medicine.

Phase three begins after the successful completion of dive school and lasts for approximately seven weeks. Students fly back to NUMI for additional training in a modified Submarine Officer's Basic course including training in damage control, firefighting, and submarine escape. Students learn the administrative requirements of being a UMO and how to perform physicals, waivers, and disqualifications for the special duty fields of diving, nuclear field duty, ionizing radiation, special operations, and submarines. Students also receive lectures on the operational aspects of medicine including: psychiatry, dentistry, Naval Special Warfare Medicine, tropical medicine, and edicine, and clinical linical hyperbaric yperbaric medicine.  During phase three, UMOCs will receive extensive training in edicine.  During phase three, UMOCs will receive extensive training in health record administration, professional development, BLS and ACLS refresher training completed in immediatly prior to reporting to the Fleet. In addition, students are required to take and pass a comprehensive oral board encompassing all material presented in the course during all three phases of training.

For more information, contact our Undersea Medical Officer For more information, contact our Undersea Medical Officer Course Supervisor by email at NUMI UMOC POC or call (860)694-6458.