Students preparing for Undersea Medicine training should begin an active DAILY workout program with emphasis placed on building upper body strength and endurance. Swimming should be included in the training program with emphasis on breaststroke, sidestroke, and finning. A typical daily Physical Training (PT) regimen for Undersea Medical Officer Candidates (UMOCs) includes at a minimum 100 push-ups, 40-60 pull-ups, 100 flutter-kicks, abdominal crunches, squats, shoulder exercises, and a one-to three-mile run.

Students are encouraged to purchase a pair of all black fins (two recommended models are the Scuba Pro Jet Fins or Rocket Fins) and practice finning 1000 yards within 22 minutes, wearing mask & snorkel, prior to reporting to NUMI. Do yourself a favor and buy a good pair of running shoes to help reduce foot, ankle, and leg injuries! One pair of good running shoes is required; two pairs are recommended.

Students must be able to pass the Navy Dive Physical Screening Test (PST) prior or they will not be allowed to attend the diving phase of the training. The standards are as follows :

Navy Divers Physical Requirements

Required Exercise Number Time
SWIM: In a short-sleeved white t-shirts and UDT shorts, swim nonstop 500 yards utilizing the side-stroke or the breaststroke. Both strokes must be conducted without an overhand recovery (i.e., the swimmer's hand must remain below the surface of the water). Swimmers may push off from sides with the hands and feet after each pool length. Swimmers may not touch the bottom of the pool at any time. - 12:30 MIN
Ten-minute rest period. - -
PUSH-UPS: The exercise will be performed with the back straight, head up, and knees together. Begin by bending the elbow and lowering entire body as a single unit by bending the elbows until the arms form right angles and the upper arms are parallel to the deck. They will then push their body up and return to starting position by extending the elbows, raising the body as a single unit until the arms are straight. They will count each repetition aloud as they complete a push-up. 50 2 MIN
Two-minute rest period. - -
SIT-UPS: Lie flat on back with knees bent, heels close to buttocks (approximately 10 inches) with arms folded across the chest and feet held to the floor by partner. Sit up touching elbow to thighs no more than 3 inches below the knees while the hands remain in contact with the shoulders or chest. Each time you touch your thighs will count as one sit-up. Lie back touching shoulder blades to deck. Repeat as many times as required in the allotted time frame. You may stop and rest in the up or down position, however, if you lower your legs, fail to keep your feet to the ground, or fail to keep your arms folded across your chest, the test is ended. Additionally, if you rest for more than 5 seconds in the down position, your test will be ended. 50 2 MIN
Two-minute rest period. - -
PULL-UPS: The exercise will be performed by grasping the pull-up bar and hanging straight down. Hands should be placed on the bar with palms away, at shoulder width. Repetitions will be counted aloud by applicants each time they pull their chins over the bar. Candidates shall not swing or bicycle their feet. use lateral, forward, or backward "kipping" motion while performing a pull-up. If the candidate removes a hand from the bar for any reason their test shall be ended. 6 N/A
Ten minute rest period. - -
RUN 1.5 MILES: Applicants must wear running shoes, t-shirt, and UDT shorts. 12 MIN 30 SEC