Prospective Undersea Medical Officer

HOOYAH and thank you for your interest in joining the Navy's undersea medical community! As an Undersea Medical Officer (UMO), you will have the opportunity to challenge yourselves physically and professionally, to travel and experience all that the Navy has to offer, and to develop rewarding associations with some of the Navy and Marine Corps’ finest. You will be charged with the supervision of Medical Departments and Independent Duty Corpsmen, and providing quality healthcare to some of the military’s most elite warfighters in every clime and place.

Are you physically prepared for UMO PT? (click here for more information)

UMO Prerequisites

Applicants may be active duty military or reserve component (which includes all non-interns, interns training in military programs and interns training in civilian programs under military scholarship). Civilians may also apply in conjunction with accession to the Navy via a Navy recruiter. All applicants must:

  • Have successfully completed medical or osteopathic degree (MD or DO) plus at least one year of medical internship at an accredited medical training facility.
  • Pass all three parts of national boards (USMLE or COMLEX) before reporting to NUMI.
  • Have successfully completed medical or osteopathic degree plus at least one year of medical internship at an accredited medical training facility.
  • Hold a state medical license or have applied for a state medical license(while meeting all requirements to have one issued.)
  • Hold Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) certification. Certification must remain valid until 1 month after graduation.
  • Hold a SECRET security clearance.
  • Be able to pass minimum physical requirements for Navy divers per MILPERSMAN 1220-410 prior to the class reporting to NDSTC for CIN A-6A-0010.
  • Be medically qualified as a candidate for Diving and Submarine Duty per MANMED Ch. 15.
    1. This requires a current, complete physical exam specifically designated for the purpose of Dive Duty and Submarine Duty properly documented on DD 2807-1, block 6c and DD 2808, block 15c.
    2. ALL Candidates must meet medical standards delineated in DODI 6130.03 Vol. 1 Medical Standards Military Service: Appointment, Enlistment, or Induction in addition to MANMED articles 15-102 (Diving Duty) and 15-106 (Submarine Duty).
    3. The physical may be performed by any DoD physician, NP or PA, but must be administratively reviewed and signed by a currently privileged UMO.
    4. Any disqualifying conditions will require a waiver specific to submarine and/or diving duty (as appropriate) in order to be eligible for training, even if a waiver was previously granted for commissioning, or flight surgery.
    5. Any waiver requests must be accompanied by the appropriate specialty evaluation and supporting documentation and should be submitted via the electronic Special Duty Waiver system as early as possible, but no later than the October deadline for application submission.
    6. Physical requirements restrict pregnant service members from eligibility per OPNAVINST 6000.1 series
  • For more information about prerequisites or what to expect during training, please contact NUMI UMOC POC HERE
  • Application Timeline and Milestones

  • July: GME, UMO, and FS application cycle opens for interns.
  • October: Completed applications must be submitted by the last business day in October.
  • December: Selections and alternates are announced in conjunction with GME selection results on or about December 15 each year.
  • January: Selectees must accept or decline their position by emailing the UMOC mailbox on or before the first working Friday in January.
  • ***Non-interns may apply at any time after consultation with their assignment officer and specialty leader, if applicable.***

    How to Apply

    The application process is described fully in BUMEDINST 1520.42A, Application Guidance for Undersea Medical Officer and Aerospace Medicine Professional Training. In order to make your application process easier, we have created an easy to use checklist to guide you through the application procedures.

    Required Documents

    All complete UMO training application must include:

  • Letter of Application(template found here)
  • Command endorsement (active duty applicants only). In the case of interns, the endorsement should simply state, Forwarded, recommending approval, or Forwarded, not recommending approval, unless the commanding officer desires to add substantively to the endorsement.
  • A brief statement by the applicant stating his or her reasons for wanting to enter the field of Undersea Medicine
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Results of a Physical Screening Test (PST) for Navy divers administered by a Navy diver and/or UMO: 500 yard swim, push-ups, curl-ups, pull-ups, and 1.5 mile run. Proper testing instructions and minimum standards are listed in MILPERSMAN 1220-410
  • NAVMED 1520/18 Program Director/Senior Medical Officer (SMO) Recommendation form
  • NAVMED 1520/21 Demographic Information request form
  • Two letters of recommendation. A letter from a supervisor or peer with knowledge of the applicant and their potential for success as a UMO is most helpful. At least one letter from a qualified UMO is preferred, but not required
  • All non-intern active duty and reserve component applicants shall submit their last three FITREPs with social security number redacted.
  • Current, complete physical exam specifically designated for Submarine and Diving Duty on DD 2807 and DD 2808 (see "UMO Prerequisites" listed above for additional information).
    • Any waiver requests should be submitted via the electronic Special Duty Waiver system as early as possible, but no later than the October deadline for application submission.
  • Whenever possible a hyperbaric pressure test should be performed to 60 feet of sea water and documented on the NAVMED 6150/2 (Special Duty Medical Abstract). Note that a completed physical for diving duty (to include all applicable final waivers) is required prior to conducting this test. If a pressure test cannot be performed, it may be deferred until reporting to NUMI for training.
  • ***COVID-19 UPDATE***

    PST scores are still a required component to the UMO application, and you should make all attempts to complete all portions of this test. However, if ongoing COVID mitigation measures prevent completion the entire PST per MILPERSMAN 1220-410, then the UMO/diver conducting the test must provide an explanation along with the scores for to report any modifications. For example: applicant was unable to perform swim event due to continued pool closures, or sit ups performed using 50-pound sandbag to secure feet rather than partner, etc.

    Divers/UMOs proctoring exams may submit scores as a standard memo (example)

    Submitting your application

  • Active duty and reserve component applications must apply via their appropriate chain of command.
  • All required documents should be submitted by email to the Undersea Medical Officer Applicant Mailbox at usn.new-london.navmedotcnumict.mbx.numi-umoc@mail.mil. Ensure physical exams and any other documentation with sensitive information are sent by encrypted email or DoD SAFE.
  • Interested civilian applicants are encouraged to reach out to the UMO Specialty Leader and UMOC POC to express interest, but must still apply through a Navy recruiter who will forward the application for training and commissioning through the appropriate chain of command.
  • ***It is highly recommended to submit required documents prior to the last week of October in anticipation of the deadline, and to contact the UMO applicant mailbox to verify their application is complete.***

    Acceptance and Accepting your Selection

  • The GME office at each training hospital will be notified of selections by message on or about 15 December of each academic year and will notify interns of their status (selected, alternate, or non-selection status).
  • Non-intern applicants may contact BUMED-M95 for selection results.
  • Applicants selected for UMO training must notify the UMO Specialty Leader and General Medical Officer Assignment Officer (PERS-4451) by the first working Friday of January of their decision to accept or decline UMO training.
  • Individuals selected for more than one training program (i.e., FS, UMO, residency), may accept only one program.
    • Acceptance of the FS or UMO program will result in forfeiture of designation as a selectee or alternate for any other GME or operational training program to which an applicant may have applied.
    • Failure to notify PERS-4451 or BUMED-M95 by the required deadline may result in the loss of the training opportunity.
    • Selected applicants who commit misconduct, fail to remain within physical standards, or fail to meet academic standards may lose their training billet or be disenrolled from the program if training has begun.
  • All non-interns accepted for training must also officially notify their respective assignment officer according to their specialty.
  • Local Resources

    UMO mentors will give presentations at each of the Intern Operational Medicine orientations (aka the "Intern Roadshow") scheduled at each major residency training site in July or August. They are your best local resource to complete your application successfully in a timely manner. Your UMO mentor can assist you in: bottom-lining your Submarine/Diving Duty physical examinations, obtaining a waiver of physical standards (if needed) via the Special Duty Waiver program, identifying UMOs from who to request letters of recommendation, scheduling a Diver Physical Screening Test (PST) or a hyperbaric chamber test.

    Points of Contact

  • For information regarding the course of instruction at NUMI or help finding a UMO mentor, please send an email to the NUMI Undersea Medical Officer Department: NUMI-POC
  • For other questions about the application process, the status of waivers, to confirm receipt of your application package, contact the UMO Applicant Mailbox
  • UMO Specialty Leader/Commander, Submarine Force Pacific Fleet: CAPT James Mucciarone at james.mucciarone@navy.mil
    or (808)473-5789
  • General Medical Officer/GME Assignment Officer (PERS-4415) (901) 874-4045
  • BUMED-M95 Mailbox (Undersea Medicine), usn.ncr.bumedfchva.mbx.umoc@mail.mil