Mountain Medicine Course

Previously known as Wilderness Medicine course (WMED)

Target Audience: Medical personnel currently assigned to the Fleet Marine Force (FMF), or who are in an FMF augmentation billet, DOD personnel, and other US and foreign agencies with a need for mountain warfare training.

Purpose: To provide knowledge and field skills needed to support their units in a winter wilderness combat environment.

Course overview: The classroom phase includes lectures on various medical and technical problems common to mountainous environments. Field evolutions include mountaineering systems, rappelling, and casualty evacuation.

Satisfies MAP requirements for field medical orientation. Candidates for this training must be assigned to the operating forces or one of the following mobilization platforms:

Marine Corps Forces (MARFOR), M+1 augmentation with a valid BSC training requirement

Length: 18 days

Classes/yr: 02

Seats/yr.: (A) 60; (R) 12; PRG 7 & 9

Minimum # of training seats per class: 10 ; maximum 30.

CIN #: B-300-0023

CDP: 652T

UIC: 64495

Location: Mountain Warfare Training Center, Bridgeport, CA

Send nominations to:

Active Duty: Send pdf version of signed nomination letter, via encrypted email, to the NMOTC Operational Medicine Short Course Coordinator at: A PRIMS print-out of the most recent PRT results must be included on the Request Form. Results of Excellent or above is required to attend this course.

Reservist: Send the Reserve Education & Training Request Form to the Reserve Liaison office at: Your most recent PRT results MUST be included on the Request Form. Results of Excellent or above is required to attend this course.

Special Instructions

  1. Ensure orders read "Essential Messing" or "Field Duty Orders".

  2. Physical Conditioning: The course is held in a physically and mentally demanding mountainous environment. Elevation of training ranges from 6,500 to 9,500 ft. Students will be required to conduct long range movements over mountainous terrain with 50 lb packs. Outstanding cardiovascular fitness is required. A Navy PFA will be conducted within the first three days of the course and scores of 1.5 mile run-14.00 min, push ups-50, sit ups-50 (unadjusted for age, sex, or altitude) must be obtained to continue training. If there are any questions about conditioning please contact the OIC or SNCOIC at the Mountain Warfare Training Center (Refer to #9 for telephone numbers).

  3. Climate: During the summer months the temperature may range from 30-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

  4. Facilities: Limited. No PSD. No pay facility for Reserve Personnel. There is a small exchange, a gym, a Chapel, and limited laundry.

  5. Location: Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MWTC) is off CA HWY 108, four miles west of HWY 395.

  6. Transportation:
    1. Air travel- If flying, you must fly to Reno, NV; plan to arrive no later than 1600 on the applicable travel day. A bus from MWTC will meet the students at the baggage claim area. The bus will depart for MWTC at 1900. Do not miss the bus! The ride from Reno takes approximately two hours in good weather. If you arrive late due to a flight delay call (760) 932-1400 to check in with the MWTC duty. If you miss the bus, you may be required to take a taxi that could cost $250. Plan your departure from Reno no earlier than 1500 on the day of graduation, any earlier and you will not make it on time.

    2. Driving- If driving, plan your trip with a planned arrival to MWTC no later than 2100 on the travel day. Check in with the OOD at the CP (BLDG behind the flag pole). From Southern CA go north on HWY 395- 17 miles north of Bridgeport, CA turn west on HWY 108. The base is four miles west off HWY 108. Fill up in the nearest town, as there is no fuel for POV's on the base.

  7. Course Credits: 98 cat1 AMA CME credits for providers

  8. What to bring: Reporting Instructions Mountain Medicine Course

  9. POC's at MCMWTC:

    LCPO/SNCOIC, Medical Training Section: DSN 839-1460, Commercial (760) 932-1460

For more information on CWM nomination procedures, please contact the

Operational Short Coordinator via email at
MCMWTC Web site: