Nomination, Selection, and Cancellation Process

For Active Duty Only


  1. Medical Department personnel assigned to an operational unit or assigned to an operational platform at M+1 who need to attend an operational short course will submit a nomination with command endorsement to NMOTC no later than the required due date (approximately eight to ten weeks before convening date) via the member's Head, Mobilization Office and Head, Command Staff, Education and Training departments. Operational units will use their appropriate chain of command. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. Nominations received without command endorsement or after the suspense date of when nominations letters are due will not be included in the selection process.

  2. Nominations WILL be submitted using the sample format provided in the catalog. Nomination should only be for one course date to prevent missed nominations and double selections that reduce quotas. All required information on the form must be completed. Nominations must faxed unless otherwise noted in the course description. (Nominations sent via email will be accepted if capable of sending with command endorsements) Nominations without command endorsement WILL NOT be accepted. (Note: Command will retain the original copy if nomination is faxed).

  3. Nominations represent a commitment by the command to send the member, and by the member to attend the course if selected.

Substitution of personnel and/or exchange of funding IS NOT authorized.


  1. Only members who meet the criteria for attendance outlined in the Medical Augmentation Program (MAP) instruction (BUMEDINST 6440.5 series) and/or the NTP for the specific platform will be selected for training.

  2. Applicants MUST, at a minimum, meet physical readiness requirements per OPNAVINST 6110.1 (series) to attend field-training courses. Pregnant/lactating mothers will not be accepted for field training courses.


  1. Cancellations will only be accepted from the Commanding Officer/Executive Officer/Director for Administration, Head Staff Education or OIC. Written cancellation must be faxed to NMOTC no later than one week before the convening date for the course. Cancellations must include a justification.

  2. Individuals who cancel or fail to report without their Command's approval may forfeit future training opportunities for the remainder of the fiscal year. NMOTC will inform the Command of students who failed to show for training.

  3. Individuals canceling their seat in the Combat Casualty Care Course (C4) must return the training materials sent to them from the Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute (DMRTI). Individuals that do NOT return the books, will be charged for them. Training materials should be returned to:

    Student Registration, MCCS-TP, Rm 325A
    1706 Stanley Road, ST 91
    Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234