Nomination, Selection, and Notification Process

For Selected Reserve Only

Unless otherwise noted in this catalog, BUMED Code M10-6 approves quota control for courses requested by the Naval Reserve. The Reserve Application MUST be completed and submitted to the Reserve Liaison Officer at BUMED and the Operational Short Course Coordinator at NMOTC. Please contact the Reserve Liaison Officer or the Operational Short Course Coordinator to request a copy of the application if you are unable to download it from this page.

Download Reserve Education & Training Request Form.

Any questions concerning the nomination procedures MUST be directed to BUMED Code M10-6. The point of contact can be reached at:

Email to the Reserve Liaison Officer


  1. Eligible nominations shall be submitted with the proper funding information and TO/OIC/COs email addresses for verification purposes. This submission must be on or before the specified due date, using the Reserve Application form.
  2. Nominations received after the nomination deadline will not be considered. Nominations shall be considered for one course date only to prevent missed nominations and doubled selections that reduce quotas. All required information on the form must be completed. Incomplete nomination forms will not be considered. Nominations without unit endorsement WILL NOT be considered.
  3. Endorsed nominations represent a commitment by the Unit to send the member, and for the member to attend the course if selected. Reservists should coordinate their nomination submission with the authorized training representative from their Unit. Substitution of personnel IS NOT authorized.


  1. Members who occupy a mobilization billet and meet the criteria for attendance outlined in the Medical Augmentation Program (MAP) instruction (BUMEDINST 6440.5 series) or the Reserve Billet Training Requirement (RBTR) will have priority for selection.
  2. The member must have verification by the unit training officer that the course is a billet requirement as documented on the Reserve Billet Training Requirement (RBTR).
  3. Applicants MUST, at a minimum, meet physical readiness requirements per OPNAVINST 6110.1 Series to attend field-training courses. Pregnant/lactating mothers will not be accepted for field training courses.
  4. At the close of the nomination date, qualifying applicants will be selected by NMOTC.


  1. An email message is normally sent to personnel selected for the course. For questions regarding confirmation, contact the Operational Short Course Coordinator at NMOTC.
  2. Do not submit Annual Training application to COMNAVRESFOR until a seat has been awarded. At that point, submit the application via chain of command.