Sample Nomination Format for Operational Short Courses

Active Duty Members Only
 Download Word version of this letter here.

Command Letterhead

From: Commanding Officer/OIC, Your Command Name

To: Commanding Officer, Navy Medicine Operational Training Center (ATTN: N3 - Operational Short Course Coordinator),
220 Hovey Road
Pensacola, FL 32508-1047


  1. The following information provides data for a member from my command:

    1. Personnel Information:

      • (1) Name (last, full first name (no initials) middle initial), Rank
      • (2) Corps/SSN/Designator/NOBC/NEC, current assignment and title
      • (3) Member's e-mail address
      • (4) Work phone numbers (COMM and DSN)
      • (5) Work address
      • (6) Gender: Male/Female (required for billeting purposes)
      • (7) Indicate job status (Intern, staff, flight surgeon, IDC, etc) PRD/RAD/EAOS (REQUIRED for all CWM or MMED course     nominations - Include most recent PRT score and attach a PRIMS print-out with nomination request); Provide next duty station or assignment for personnel with PCS orders:

    2. Course Nominated for (name/number/dates):

    3. Member's Mobilization Platform and BSC assigned (obtain from the Head, Mobilization Office.) Mobilization Platform is not applicable for operational commands. Justification (for attending course):

      IMPORTANT: The justification must indicate if taking the course is a REQUIREMENT of current billet, or the next assignment (for personnel with PCS orders).

    4. Nominating Command Address:

    5. If nominee's point of departure is different than the command address, or if the command address is an APO/FPO address, please provide the city/state/country of departure to facilitate funding computation.

    6. Mode of transportation to course (air, car, bus, etc.)

    7. Command POC, for student control issues. Name / Rank / DSN / COM / FAX / E-Mail. 

    8. Head, Staff Education and Training Department: Typed name.(Note: If this does not apply to your command, type 'N/A)

    9. Head, Mobilization Office: Typed name. (Note: If your command does not have a 'Mobilization' Officer, type 'N/A')

    10. Previous Operational Medicine Short Courses completed: (title/approx date)

  2. The individual nominated is available for training and has the full endorsement of the nominating command. Based upon that commitment, a member from the executive leadership from this command will notify NMOTC if the member has to cancel by separate cover at least one to two weeks (or earlier) prior to the class convening date.


(Commanding Officer/Executive Officer/Director for Administration or Head Staff Education by dir)

Nomination Letters (pdf format) should be written on command letterhead and signed by the CO/OIC, or another officer with TAD approving authority. Send via encrypted email to the NMOTC Operational Short Course Coordinator  (

If email is not an option, nominations can be mailed to the address below. Please allow adequate time when sending via mail. Nominations received after the deadline will NOT be considered.

Commanding Officer
Navy Medicine Operational Training Center
ATTN: Academics Department
Operational Short Course Coordinator
220 Hovey Road
Pensacola, FL  32508-1047