"REMC Commemorative Challenge Coin"



The Robert E Mitchell Center (REMC) for Prisoner of War (POW) Studies Logo was created as a special program insignia to commemorate both the hardships endured by POWs and the REMC’s unwavering medical support to those selfless yet distinguished Repatriated Prisoners of War (RPWs).  The challenge coin was created to memorialize the individual, CAPT Robert E Mitchell, whose singular vision and sheer audacity enabled an unbroken 40 year dedicated service to those who suffered as a POW.


On a 1 ½ inches diameter 2-sided circular brass device, the obverse shows a bas-relief image of CAPT Robert E Mitchell encircled by a rope-design border depicting his association with the Navy.  The reverse is an enameled colored logo encircled by the inscription Robert E Mitchell Center POW Studies.


The logo is highly symbolic in that the background is adopted from the ribbon of the POW Medal.  The unchained bald eagle, an embodiment of the American POW spirit, stands with pride and dignity. 


Below the bald eagle is a yellow ribbon inscribed with Never Forgotten.  A bold proclamation that not only did REMC desire for a speedy and safe return of those interned, but upon repatriatization, acted in fulfilling a grateful Nation’s promise to care for him who have borne the battle and endured harsh captivity.


Overlaying the yellow ribbon is a serpent entwined staff, the rod of Aesculapius, which is a symbol of medicine administered by a physician, in this case, a flight surgeon.  The two together resemble a Caduceus, a winged staff with two entwined serpents, which is recognized to be a larger military health care system. 


In this larger setting, the single serpent indicates the multidiscipline REMC’s singular commitment and dedication to supporting the RPWs and providing lessons learned for future military training and operations.