Commander, Amphibious Task Force (CATF)/Expeditionary Strike Group(ESG) Surgeon Course

 This course provides senior-ranking Navy Medical Department Officers with training in amphibious operations, expeditionary warfare, and associated operational health services support training. Upon graduation, Medical Corps Officers will be prepared to serve effectively as a Senior Medical Advisor to a Task Force/Expeditionary Strike Group Commander, eligible for assignment as a CATF/ESG Surgeon and Officer in Charge of a Fleet Surgical Team. Satisfies MAP requirements for Echelon III Command and Control.

 Active duty and Reserve Navy Medical Corps Officers(21XX), 0-4 and above, are eligible for this training, and should have previous operational experience. The course is also open to a limited number of Dental Officers(22XX), Medical Service Corps Officers(23XX), Nurse Corps Officers(29XX), and qualified members of foreign navies.

 Most qualified candidates, selected, who are not slated to report to an Amphibious Medical Department, or similar Operational Medical Department Officers billet position, will need to obtain local funding or attend in a no-cost status. Reservists nominees selected for attendance will be funded by the Navy Reserve. Candidates from foreign navies are eligible to attend.

Location: Surface Warfare Medical Institute, San Diego, CA & Portsmouth, VA

Point of contact:  SWMI Fleet Training Officer:

Course dates: Two full weeks every June and October.

CATF-S Course Schedule

Seats: Class size limited to 30 students.

NOBC/Subspecialty Code Earned: Senior physicians (CDR or above) successfully completing the course will be eligible for the CATF Surgeon AQD - 6OR, identifying qualifications, skils and knowledge required to perform the duties of a CATF/ESG Surgeon.

Security Classification Unclassified

Course Length: 10 training days.

CIN# B-6A-1000 CDP# #630C

CATF-Surgeon Course East Portsmouth/Norfolk, VA & West San Diego, CA

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FY 17 (Begins 01 October 2016)
East Portsmouth, VA West San Diego, CA
17010 10/30/16 11/09/16
17010 06/19/17 06/30/17

FY 18 (Begins 01 October 2017)
East Portsmouth, VA West San Diego, CA
18010 10/23/17 11/03/17
18010 06/18/18 06/29/18

FY 19 (Begins 01 October 2018)
East Portsmouth, VA West San Diego, CA
19010 10/22/18 11/02/18
19010 06/17/19 06/28/19

Staffing Requirements: A course coordinator arranges for subject matter experts to present lesson topics. Medical Department officers and enlisted personnel currently active within the surface community also provie course presentations, as do past and present CATF Surgeons, Fleet Surgical Team leaders, and other service members.

Curriculum Approval Authority: Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

Quota Control: Surface Warfare Medical Institute

Implementation Date: October 1995

Primary Mode of Instruction: Group-based

Instruments and Procedures for Measuring Student Performance: Graduates in CATF Surgeon billets their supervisors are surveyed 8-12 months after the course.

Personnel physical Requirements: Must be physically qualified for sea duty in accordance with the Manual of the Medical Department.

Continuing Medical Education Credit(CME): Students earn Category 1 CME hours.

Related and/or Follow-On-Training: None