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Welcome to Surface Warfare Medical Institute. Here at SWMI we offer multiple courses to health care professionals that enable them to better provide care to the Sailors and Marines who depend on our services. The 9 courses we offer train over 700 students a year and range from the year long Surface Force Independent Duty Corpsmen class to the 1 day Humanitarian Civic Assistance Symposium. Doctors, dentists, nurses, and medical service corps officers attend courses to help them be Department Heads, CATF Surgeons, and good shipmates. The Medical Regulating Class teaches health care professionals how to execute one of the medical field’s primary responsibilities – getting patients to the care they need. Teaching these intense and diverse courses requires excellent instructor and support staff; you will find them here. Welcome to SWMI and we hope that your tour is as productive, fulfilling, and enriching for you as it is for our students.

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If you have just received orders to the Surface Warfare Medical Institute, a Welcome Aboard package will be sent to you. To help us assess your needs and assign a command sponsor, please complete the Sponsor Request Form.

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