• Officers

    We ensure Navy Medical Department Officers receive a professional military education throughout their career.

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  • Enlisted

    We provide opportunities for Sailors to develop professionally by focusing on the practice of Navy Medicine.

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  • Reserves

    We are here to support you through your growth process and guide you on your journey in the US Navy.

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  • Civilians

    We’re committed to serve your needs and continuously work on finding ways to improve our processes.

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Our Motto: 

Leaders Developing Leaders.

NML&PDC SP Public Site
NMPDC provides career long learning opportunities that prepare medical department personnel for increased responsibilities as military and professional leaders:
  • Graduate and postgraduate education:
    • Dental residencies/fellowships
    • GME
    • DUINS
  • Continuing Education
  • Commissioning programs:
    • Medical Service Corps (MSC-IPP)
    • Nurse Corps (MECP)
  • Reimbursement for board certification/maintenance
  • Scholarly research
  • Professional development and leadership training courses