• Officers

    We ensure Navy Medical Department Officers receive a professional military education throughout their career.

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  • Enlisted

    We provide opportunities for Sailors to develop professionally by focusing on the practice of Navy Medicine.

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  • Reserves

    We are here to support you through your growth process and guide you on your journey in the US Navy.

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  • Civilians

    We’re committed to serve your needs and continuously work on finding ways to improve our processes.

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Our mission: 

Our trained experts provide 21st Century Naval Medical professionals with a comprehensive portfolio of competency-based leadership and professional development products that foster operational readiness and state-of-the-art medical readiness knowledge, skills, and abilities throughout their navy career.

NMPDC SP Public Site
NMPDC provides career long learning opportunities that prepare medical department personnel for increased responsibilities as military and professional leaders:
  • Graduate and postgraduate education:
    • Dental residencies/fellowships
    • GME
    • DUINS
  • Continuing Education
  • Commissioning programs:
    • Medical Service Corps (MSC-IPP)
    • Nurse Corps (MECP)
  • Reimbursement for board certification/maintenance
  • Scholarly research
  • Professional development and leadership training courses