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Pages: Clinical Updates

Clinical Updates

Material contained herein is made available for the purpose of peer review and discussion and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.

Document 00_-_001 Evidence Based Care.doc
Document 00_-_002 SJOGRENS Syndrome.doc
Document 00_-_003 Conscious Sedation.doc
Document 00_-_004 Bone Augmentation for Implants.doc
Document 00_-_005 Tissue Conditioning.doc
Document 00_-_006 Localized ridge augmentation.doc
Document 00_-_007 Local delivery of chemotheraputic agents in perio therapy.doc
Document 00_-_008 Temporization of endodontically treated teeth.doc
Document 00_-_009 Pemphigus.doc
Document 00_-_010 Cicatricial Pemphigoid.doc
Document 00_-_011 Endodontic nickel-titanium rotary instruments.doc
Document 00_-_012 HIV.doc
Document 01_-_001 Dental management of the hypertensive patient.doc
Document 01_-_002 Recurrent Herpes Labialis.doc
Document 01_-_003 Implant Maintenance Procedures.doc
Document 01_-_004 An indirect cast post and core technique.doc
Document 01_-_005 Pulpectomy phase of non-surgical root canal therapy.doc
Document 01_-_006 Inflammatory Papillary Hyperplasia.doc
Document 01_-_007 Corticosteroids in Dentistry.doc
Document 01_-_008 Classification of periodontal diseases and conditions.doc
Document 01_-_009 Top 25 Drugs in the United States, 2000.doc
Document 01_-_010 Foundation restorations for pulpless teeth.doc
Document 01_-_011 A learning-based approach to preventing dental phobias.doc
Document 01_-_012 Obstructive sleep apnea.doc
Document 02_-_001 Pulpal and periradicular diagnostic terminology.doc
Document 02_-_002 What is Orofacial Pain.doc
Document 02_-_003 Provisional restorations.doc
Document 02_-_004 Smoking as a risk factor in periodontal diseases.doc
Document 02_-_005 Digital photography.doc
Document 02_-_006 Guided cell repopulation in periodontal therapy.doc
Document 02_-_007 Managing child behaviors in the dental setting.doc
Document 02_-_008 Host modulation therapy.doc
Document 02_-_009 Local anesthetics Part I.doc
Document 02_-_010 Local anesthetics Part II.doc
Document 02_-_011 Local anesthetics Part III.doc
Document 02_-_012 Location of the 2nd mesiobuccal canal of max molars in endo therapy.doc
Document 03_-_001 Depression and dental health.doc
Document 03_-_002 Principles of oral biopsy Part I.doc
Document 03_-_003 Principles of oral biopsy Part II.doc
Document 03_-_004 Dental Imaging - advances in conventional and digital radiography.doc
Document 03_-_006 Extraction site preservation.doc
Document 03_-_007 Porcelain Veneers Part I.doc
Document 03_-_008 Endodontic rotary nickel-titanium instrument systems.doc
Document 03_-_009 Clinical application of electronic apex locators with an emphasis on the Root ZX.doc
Document 03_-_010 Packable Resin Composites.doc
Document 03_-_011 Gastroesophageal reflux disease.doc
Document 03_-_012 Antibiotic resistance and antibiotics in endodontics.doc
Document 04_-_001 Trauma from occlusion.doc
Document 04_-_002 Avulsed permanent teeth - new treatment guidelines.doc
Document 04_-_003 Dental luting cements.doc
Document 04_-_004 Enamel matrix derivative proteins.doc
Document 04_-_005 Porcelain veneers Part II.doc
Document 04_-_006 Characteristics and demographics of an orofacial pain population.doc
Document 04_-_007 Leishmania.doc
Document 04_-_008 Pulpal and periradicular diagnosis.doc
Document 04_-_009 Oral cancer Part I.doc
Document 04_-_010 Oral cancer Part II.doc
Document 04_-_011 Stokes Part III.doc
Document 04_-_012 Brafford.doc
Document 05_-_001_Bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaws.doc
Document 05_-_002_All-ceramic inlays and onlays.doc
Document 05_-_003 Periodontal disease, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and stroke.doc
Document 05_-_004 Calcific metamorphosis.doc
Document 05_-_008 Cervical Resorption.doc
Document 05_-_010 Latex hypersensitivity.doc
Document 05_-_011 Oral tissue submission.doc
Document 05_-_012 Pulpal and periradicular diagnosis l.doc
Document 06_-_001 Bruxism - a review.doc
Document 06_-_002 Fluoride varnish as a caries remin. and prev agent.doc
Document 06_-_003 Differentiating sinonasal cysts and cyst-like entities.doc
Document 06_-_004 Anatomic findings commonly misinterpreted as pathologic entities.doc
Document 06_-_009 Dental management of the anticoagulated patient.doc
Document 07_-_001_Diabetes_mellitus_and_periodontal_disease.doc
Document 07_-_002_Periodontal maintenance_-_a_review.doc
Document 07_-_003 Oral cancer detection aids.doc
Document 07_-_004_Radiation safety revisited.doc
Document 07_-_005 Dental mgmt of the PPD positive TB skin test patient.doc
Document 07_-_006 Platelet rich plasma_-_ An adjunct in regenerative wound healing.doc
Document 07_-_007 Impression materials for fixed restorations.doc
Document 08_-_001_Guidelines for the management of patients with periodontal disease.doc
Document 08_-_002 Differential diagnosis of non-odontogenic pain in the oral cavity.doc
Document 08_-_003 Peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis.doc
Document 08_-_004 Post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and dental practice.doc
Document 08_-_005_Applying functionally generated path to restore a terminal restoration in group function.doc
Document 08_-_006_Drug-induced gingival enlargement.doc

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