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Professional Development


Nurse Corps Graduate Programs

Welcome to Nurse Corps (NC) 
Graduate Programs!


Graduate education is one of the many requirements to advance your career in the Nurse Corps.  Officers may obtain a graduate degree on their own time through the tuition assistance program or apply for Full Time Duty Under Instruction or DUINS. 

DUINS offers the opportunity to attend school on a full time basis at no personal cost while receiving all benefits and pay commensurate with the officer's pay.   Officers must have a minimum of two years’ commissioned experience to apply.
Depending upon the degree requested, students may attend one of three military service schools:  Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey California, Army Baylor, Waco, Texas, and The Uniformed Services University, Bethesda MD.  Students not in degree fields provided by service schools may attend the public or private university of their choice closest to their current duty station.
DUINS opportunities will change from year to year based on the needs and requirements of Navy Medicine.  Typically the following specialties are offered:
         Manpower Systems Analysis,            
         Health Care Management -Army Baylor,                                             
         Medical-Surgical Nursing (CNS)        
         Maternal-Child Nursing (CNS)             
         Pediatric Nursing (CNS)                            
         Pediatric NP /FNP
         Psych/Mental Health Nursing (CNS)   
         Nurse Mid-Wife/DNP
         Public Health (MPH)           
         ER/Trauma Nursing (CNS)
         Perioperative  Nursing (CNS/MBA)
         Critical Care Nursing (CNS)
         Neonatal Intensive Care (CNS)
         Education and Training Management
         Joint Commission  Fellowship
         Nursing PhD Research
         Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
         CRNA PhD Research
         DNP/Psychiatric MH NP
         Family Nurse Practitioner
Students will be allowed 24 months to complete a Master’s degree, 36 months for a DNP and 48 for a PhD.  Additional service obligations for attending school are:  three years for the first year, six months for every six months thereafter.



Contact Information 

Navy Medicine Professional
Development Center
Building 1, 16th Floor, Room 16124
8955 Wood Road
Bethesda, MD 20889-5628

Director NC Graduate Programs, 
CAPT Rhonda O. Hinds, NC, USN
Phone:  (301) 295-5773
DSN:  295-5773

NC Graduate Programs,
Program Specialist
Ms. Annette Flowers
Phone:  (301) 295-0603, DSN:  295-0603