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        Welcome to Naval Medical Research Center - Asia

About NMRC-A


Report-for-Duty-Photo.gifNaval Medical Research Center—Asia (NMRC-A) supports U.S. interests in the Pacific Theater to advance diplomacy in the region by conducting infectious disease research and improving disease surveillance and outbreak response assistance for infectious disease of critical public health importance to the United States and our regional partners.

 NMRC-A was established in March, 2013, as a new cooperative research initiative in Singapore, by the Naval Medical Research Center to work closely with researchers in the region with a focus on infectious disease research of mutual interest.


Identify infectious disease threats of military and public health importance and develop and evaluate interventions and products to mitigate those threats in partnership with host nations, international and U.S. agencies in the U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) area of responsibility.

CAPT Pat Blair NMRCA.jpg

CAPT Patrick J. Blair

Medical Service Corps, USN

Commanding Officer

U.S. Naval Medical Research Center - Asia 


CAPT Jonathan M. Stahl

Dental Corps, USN

Executive Officer

U.S. Naval Medical Research Center - Asia 





Sembawang, Singapore:

The Naval Medical Research Center-Asia (NMRC-A) headquarters is located at Port of Singapore, Sembawang. The staff conduct research on infectious diseases that threaten the health of military personnel and the local populations in seven south east Asia countries, conducting research from basic to applied, from infectious disease epidemiology to outbreak response, and study of emerging infectious diseases. NMRC-A promotes readiness, partnerships, and collaborative activities by providing an effective forward presence to build relationships with allies and partners in Southeast Asia.

Current Studies Include:

  • Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Corona Virus (MERS-CoV) collaboration with Malaysia Ministry of Health (MoH)
  • Determine the species and drug resistance/susceptibility profiles of malaria in Vietnam

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of vector control and abatement devices in the region

  • Supports host nation's MoH, U.S. CDC, and WHO influenza surveillance network by providing laboratory capability and training for detection of respiratory pathogens

  • Surveillance of emerging infectious diseases, such as Zika and Henipah virus, in the region  

Phnom Penh, Cambodia:

The U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit No. 2 (NAMRU-2) is a detachment of NMRC-A. NAMRU-2 was established 1998 as an international partnership between the Cambodian Ministry of Health and Ministry of National Defense. With a staff of over sixty clinicians, scientists, technicians and administrative support personnel working together from the central laboratory facility Phnom Penh and collaborating health centers, hospitals, and clinics throughout Cambodia, NAMRU-2 conducts infectious disease research activities, public health surveillance, outbreak response support, and clinical studies.


Current Studies Include:

  • Surveillance and etiology of acute undifferentiated febrile illnesses in Cambodia

  • Support of Global Health Security Agenda with Cambodia Ministries of Health and National Defense

  • Austere Environment Consortium for Enhanced Sepsis Outcomes (ACESO)

  • SMS-based disease surveillance in Cambodian Ministry

  • Therapeutic efficacy studies for malaria infections

  • Mosquito vector and ectoparasite surveillance



Mailing Address:

PSC 470 Box 4200
FPO-AP 96534-4200

Physical Address:

PSA Sembawang Deptford Rd
Building 7-4
Singapore 759657


International: (65) 6751-2220
DSN: 315-421-2220


Command Sponsor Coordinator:

LS2 Pema, Tenzin
DSN: 315-421-2225











Naval Medical Research Center - Asia