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Naval Medical Research
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Medical Research Unit - No. 3Naval Medical Research Center Unit - Cairo
    Cairo, Egypt
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Naval Medical Research Unit - No. 3


The U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit-No. 3 (NAMRU-3), which was established in 1946, conducts research and surveillance to support military personnel deployed to Africa, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia. The mission also includes the evaluation of vaccines, therapeutic agents, diagnostic assays, and vector control measures.
NAMRU-3 has modern research laboratories and a medical research library. It is the only laboratory in Africa with an animal facility accredited by the American Association of Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care. It is the largest DOD overseas laboratory, with bio-safety level 3 bio-containment space and field and hospital study sites located throughout Egypt. A malaria field site is located in the upper east region of northern Ghana.
Our primary mission is to study, monitor, and detect emerging and re-emerging infectious disease threats of military and public-health importance; develop mitigation strategies against these threats in partnership with host nations, international and U.S. agencies in the CENTCOM, EUCOM, and AFRICOM areas of responsibility.

Research Science Directorate

The Research Science Directorate programs include the Bacterial and Parasitic Diseases Research Program, the Global Disease Detection and Response Program, the Vector Biology Research Program, the Viral and Zoonotic Disease Research Program, the Cooperative Biologic Engagement Projects, and the Ghana detachment in Accra, Ghana. Additional support is provided by the Animal Resources Department and our CAP accredited laboratory.

Adminstration Directorate

The Director for Administration (DFA) provides administrative support to the command and to the Echelon 4 activities. The DFA provides direction and support to the other directorates and sets the policy required to ensure a coordinated effort in support of command requirements.

Resource Directorate

The Directorate of Resource Management executes NAMRU-3’s Financial Management programs, controls and monitors personnel authorizations, and travel requirement for all NAMRU3 personnel. We assist the Commander and Executive Officer in the management of financial resources and control of funds. This is accomplished through preparing, executing, reviewing and analyzing resources.
Naval Medical Research Unit - No. 3