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Naval Medical Research
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Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory


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The Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory is equipped with biomedical and behavioral sciences research capabilities supported by a unique collection of state-of-the-science equipment and research devices.  

NAMRL’s human-rated motion platforms are capable of unique motion profiles and include: Disorientation Research Device (the Kraken), the Visual Vestibular Sphere Device, the Vertical Linear Accelerator and the Neuro-Otologic Test Center.

NAMRL’s hypoxia program is capable of running up to six Reduced Oxygen Breathing Devices and a 12’ x 18’ hypoxia enclosure. Both can simulate altitude exposures at up to 34k' under normobaric conditions.

Additional labs include a vision research suite, a fully outfitted sleep lab to study operational fatigue effects, two flight simulation labs to support research on pilot spatial disorientation. NAMRL’s fabrication facility enables local fabrication of one-of-a-kind research equipment. 

These unique capabilities enable NAMRU-D to conduct incisive research into the leading medical and physiological threats to aircrew and ultimately transition knowledge and technologies to the fleet.  

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Altitude Effects Laboratory

Motion Sickness Countermeasures

Fatigue Assessment and Countermeasures

UAS Personnel Selection

Spatial Disorientation

Disorientation Research Device: The Kraken

Vision Sciences Laboratory

Training and Virtual Environments Laboratory

Aerospace Neuroscience Laboratory





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