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Naval Medical Research
and Development
Enterprise Laboratories

Altitude Effects Laboratory

Respiratory Physiology and Alternobaric Effects

  • Combined Effects of Hypoxic Exposure
  • Effects of Breathing Gas Mixtures
  • Hypocapnia
  • Atelectasis
  • F-35 Pulmonary Function Testing
  • T-45 Life Support System
  • Hypoxia Ventilation Research Device
  • Effects of In-line Breathing Resistance
  • Pressure Fluctuations

Aircrew Status Monitoring

  • Hypoxia Sensor Evaluation
  • Forehead Mounted Oximetry for Naval Aviation
  • Real Time Air Quality Sensor System
  • Physiological, Gas, & Chemical Sensors
  • Fast-jet Physiologic Sensors
  • T-45 Life Support System
  • Smart Regulator

​Mitigation and Related Research

  • En Route Care Provider Performance
  • Improved Resistance and Recovery with Ketones
  • Neural Signatures of Hypoxia
  • Vision Impairment-based Hypoxia Display​ 

Altitude Effects Lab 14 FEB 2018.pdfAltitude Effects Laboratory Quicksheet PDF





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