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Naval Medical Research
and Development
Enterprise Laboratories

Recent Risk Safety Evaluations

Assessing the Cancer and Non-Cancer Risk for RDX
· RDX is a common explosive used in military operations that can lead to       contamination of soils and water
· In collaboration with the USAPHC, NAMRU-D  derived health protective non-cancer & cancer human health criteria for RDX using state-of-the-science approaches, such as Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) & benchmark dose modeling
· Results of NAMRU-D studies are under consideration by Environmental Protection Agency for updating appropriate exposure standards
Developing Safe Exposure Limits for Pressurized Rescue Modules
· Atmosphere exposure standards for manned Deep Submergence Systems have been established, primarily from 90-day, continuous exposure limits for
submarines. As these standards are not representative of the anticipated 6-12 hour training dives for Pressurized Rescue Modules (PRMs), more appropriate
standards are required.
· NAMRU-D derived recommended air standards for 18 specific chemicals that have been measured in the atmospheres of PRMs, as well as for two general
classes of chemicals.
· These proposed standards are under review by NAVSEA for transition to the fleet.
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