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Naval Medical Research
and Development
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Administration Directorate

The mission of the Command Administration Directorate is to be the pinnacle of administrative support to Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton leadership, science directorates, military personnel and civilian staff. The directorate guides the command on administrative matters pertaining to health and medical research, development, testing, evaluation, and surveillance. The Administration Directorate manages several logistic and auxiliary programs, including personnel human resourcing, information systems, supply chain management, and administrative requirements in support of vital command mission functions. The directorate also provides oversight and management of several integral command roles, including safety and hazardous material programs, directives, instructions and policy generation, security and classified material oversight, ICONO audit readiness, manpower and billet analysis / requirements, intellectual property, agreements, contracting / contracting officer representative actions, and support service functions. These efforts are key pillars of support that sustain a seamless civilian support program while simultaneously ensuring our military personnel meet all deployment and readiness requirements.
Naval Medical Research Unit - Dayton